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it is a warm Autumn morning in Korea, they are in the casting room, Xiahui, Ruilang, and Weiyoung walked up to their parents. They got done shooting the last part of the movie, " Xaihui you are filled with rage they just killed your father, Weiyoung you are filled with anger she killed your brother. And, Ruilong you are ferrous that they turned on you. But that is enough for today, we refilm the scene when you get back, said. Kong Tiger. " go get wash and change, a couple of announcements. one of the martial tournaments is starting in Tokyo this spring, only teens and pre-teens. And soon mid-winter clubs will be in it, it is time to go to America and give demonstrations and sign-ups, and then go to the Tiger den to see how our tigers and tigresses did. Said, Xiao Tiger. After they washed and got dressed, they pulled up at the house. and went to pack their bags, while Xiao Tiger is fixing them lunch to take. After they finished packing and walked into the kitchen. " this for you to eat on the plane, I don't want you to eat the airport food, it made your father sick, said. Xiao Tiger, " and this is for you rice wine to drink on the plan. Said, Kong Tiger, " thank you momma and poppa, they both said. " you are welcome my daughters be safe, he walked them out to the limousine, he open the door for them. "see you in a few days my tigresses, they got in the limousine, " by poppy! "you got my daughters in their so drive safe. He told him. " I will sir, he said. he drives off heading to the airplane, they pulled up at the airport, he opened the door for them. " here you go Tigers, have a safe trip. " thank you, see you soon. They got their bags and walked into the airplane and got in line. it is a huge line, Weiyoung Tiger called her assistant. "(you on your way?) Asked. Helena, " (we are at the airport, how many new students do we have this week?) Asked, Weiyoung Tiger. " looked mom it's the tiger girl, said the little boy. his mom tap Ruilong on her shoulder, she turned around. " maybe I help you, ma'am? Asked, Xaihui Tiger. " you run that school, how do I sign him in? the line is moving right along. " ( three so far. See you three when you get here,) said. Helena, they hang up the phones, " how old is he, Ruilong teaches kicks to pre-teens that run up to 13-15, I te6ach punches to teenagers, that runs up to 17-19, and Weiyoung teaches movements to kids that run up to 6-9. Said, Xaihui Tiger. " he is 6, she answered. " then you would want our sister Weiyoung, Ruilang wave her to come over, she just got off the phone. And walked up to them, " how many new students we got, asked. Ruilong Tiger, " Three. how maybe I help you, Asked. Weiyoung Tiger, " how do I get him into your class? His mother asked. they are next in line at the desk, " call the den office and tell my assistant that you want to sign him up for lessons, said. Weiyoung. " thank you and we will, they walked up to the desk, " Tigers where you headed now? Asked the register, " America. They gave her their passports and hands them back with their tickets, and they got on the plane and left Korea. It is morning in America. They are at the den, waiting for Shawna, Kaitlin, and Helena to come out. They walked out of the office and up to them. " good morning our Tigers and Tigresses. said, Shawna. " good morning master Shawna, master Kaitlin, and master Helena. they all said, " our favorite masters are coming today. Said, Kaitlin. " in it is tournament time, one of you will sponsor the school in Tokyo, Japan. Said, Helena. They clapped and chair, " Kathy I thought they were the Masters, asked. Susan, " they are their assistance, the real tigresses masters are in Korea on their way here, said. Steve, " you are going to love them, said. Kathy. " time for thirty-five minutes of meditation. said, Shawna. " no speaking, said. Kaitlin, " you may begin. said, Helena. they start to mandate, they have arrived in America at the airport. They walked off the plane and got in their cars heading to the Tiger den, and they pulled up at the school and they walk into the office. " I so glad you three are here, said. Shawna. " you know we always come during mid-January, said. Xaihui Tiger, " and it time of the tournament season, said. Ruilong Tiger. " and to pick one to represent the den in Tokyo, Japan. said, Weiyoung Tiger. " Bobby, which one is our teacher? Asked. Steve, " master Tigress Weiyoung she is the one in the gold jumper, answered. Bobby, " we are glad to see you three anyway. said, Shawna. " I know they are going to be a thrill to see you too. said, Kaitlin. They walked out of the office. " evening every, for those that are new here, I am Master Tigress Xaihui Tiger of self-defense arts. Said, Xaihui Tiger. " We have some news for you all today, said. Ruilong Tiger. " one of you get to represent your school in Tokyo, Japan in the tournament, said, Weuyoung Tiger, " our little ones a tournament will be open up for you soon. Said, Xaihui Tiger. " let's meet our three new students, said. Ruilong Tiger, " please stand up tell us your name and age. said, Weiyoung Tiger, Henry stand up. " I am Henry Anderson and I am seventeen, he said. " nice to met you, Henry. Said, Xaihui Tiger. " welcome to the den, said. Ruilong, Susan stands up. " Susan stands up. " I am Susan Harper and I and Elven, Weiyoung pick up on that she is upset about something. " she is upset about something, nice to meet you, Susan. Said, Weiyoung.  " something probably at home. She begs us to let her stay,  said. Helena, "  no one came to pick her up,  when we ask her to do she wants one of us to take her home, she always said no, said. Kaitlin, "  does she go to school or have anyone?  Asked. Xaihui Tiger, " what is going on? Did I do something wrong?" Calm down Susan, master Tigress Weiyoung pick up on your sadness, just like she picked up when I was mad at my mom. Said, Kathy. " it is a great thing,  they take you with them just to talk with you, see if they can help you and your family out,  the Tigers give to those who are hungry, and in need. You are so freaking lucky. Said, Bill. " nice to meet you, Bobby, said. Xaihui Tiger,  " you may be seat,  Pre-teens follow me to the top layer for so push-ups. Said, Ruilong Tiger. They got up and walked up the steps to the top layer. " let's get started with some jumping jacks, said,  Xaihui Tiger.  They start to do their jumping jacks, On the top layer, " let's start to do some sit-ups, said. Weiyoung Tiger, start to do their set-ups,  on the last layer. So they got in shape for a good long hour, during the morning," we will be back. Keep them working out, said. Xaihui Tiger, " bring Susan to us, please. We got a meeting at the Melbourne, said. Ruilong, " by then we will be back for the tournament, said. Weiyoung Tiger. " get us some more students guys. They walked up to them, "  Susan your Masters Xaihui, Ruilong, and Weiyoung, you are going to spend the day with them. Said,  Shawna. " we will be back soon,  they walked out of the den. And left, Susan is riding with Weiyoung Tiger, " it is nothing to be scared about, I just want to talk. Said, Weiyoung. " about what? Asked. Susan, " why are you so sad. And when was the last time you ate anything, asked. Weiyoung Tiger, " my father is out of work, and there is hardly anything to eat, instead of him looking for another job, or budget what we do have on food, he blows it on that slut of a girlfriend of his, I don't want to live with him anymore, I am so done with him, starving, top it off the power been turn off and we going to be kicked out on the street, I don't want to go. She starts to cough. " we can see about giving your father a job, by having a word with him, even get his light bill cut up this month and pay his landlord. Said, Weiyoung Tiger. "(And can buy a week of grocery, why don't want to go home?) Asked. Xaihui Tiger. " (nothing is going to change, he already thinking about dumping me for her,) said. Susan, "(what she means by that?) Asked. Ruilong,  " (i think her father doesn't want to be a parent and wants to be free, do what he wants to do. Shall we call Mumma and Poppa  to see is there anything we can do?) Asked. Weiyoung Tiger, " (what kind of a man throw away his child for a woman and a thrill? Let's see if we can use that guest room, see if she can stay with us.) Said, Xaihui Tiger. "(We have to get everything ties up here and settle first, hon what school does you go to?) Asked, Ruilong Tiger." (I don't go to school, he never enrolled me in one. Said, Susan. "(I will see what schools we have at home,) she called home, " (you on the ground.) Asked. Kong Tiger, " (yes poppa, is it okay if some stays with us?) Asked. Xaihui Tiger, "(we love having a house guest. You find a student who needs help,) said. Xiao Tiger, " (yeah, she is in bad shape her,  her father is not taking care of her and putting himself before her.) Said, Ruilong Tiger. "(that is terrible, ) said. Kong Tiger, " (poor thing, you girls bring her back with you. we take her in the family, which one of you going to be her car provider?) Asked. Xiao Tiger, they stop at the red light, "(we can all take part, and help out as Aunts,) said. Xaihui Tiger, "  (we think and vote that Weiyoung she take that.) Said, Ruilong Tiger. " (me?) -("you make a great mother Weiyoung,) said. Xaihui Tiger, " (so  will you two, will make a great mother to.) Said, Weiyoung Tiger. "(all three of you would make great mothers, what you need Xaihui, Ruilong, and Weiyoung?) Asked. Xiao Tiger. " (thank you, Mumma,) they all said. "( could you check in see what schools we can enroll her in,)-(Susan if we could get a legal guardian of you, would you want to come in life within Korea?) Asked. Ruilong, " you want me to stay with you? Asked. Susan, " yeah, if your father will give you to me if you want me as a mother? Answered. Weiyoung Tiger, " a new home? Weiyoung Tiger smile at her,  "  yeah, if you want to come with us,  "  please god let him said take her!  begged Susan they pulled up to the auditorium and walked inside, "  They are setting up for the sign-ups and demonstrations of their arts,  "   Susan line up the chairs in rolls,  trying to draw in a big crowd. Said, Xaihui,   they finished settings up, and a crowd of people and sat down as they walked on the stage. " welcome to the Auditorium, I and my sister teach in our parent's stud, we have dens all over the world. said, Xaihui Tiger, " we all about teaching how to defend yourself from anyone. bullying is never should started up. said, Ruilong Tiger. " these moves should only be used if you are attacked and never in an offensive way. said, Weiyoung Tiger. they start to demonstrate their art to them,

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