1 Sorry kid you weren’t supposed to exist.

A mysterious figure walks out of a portal with runic inscriptions upon its outer edge. A cold flame seemed to periodically pulse reminiscent of the tick tick of a pocket watch.

Nearby in a train yard for unloading the newest vehicles for the area, most of which after being held here for a short time would go to dealerships to be sold.

A young man was walking up and down the rows of cars and trucks scanning the barcodes on the windshield checking them into the computer system just as the lights in the parking lot came on. The sun dying as its rays bled out darkening the sky with reds and purples. He swiped sweat off his brow the Arizona heat cooling off in the slight breeze but his pace worked up a heavy sweat easily.

He had to finish things up so he could help run switches on the rail cars. Setting up the yard to be loaded with new rail cars full of pristine vehicles.

The mystery man shrouded in black and covered in shadows watched the young man work. Pulls out a pocket watch seemingly impatient as he waits for something.

The man in black smiled at the thought. His smile soured as he watched the young man walk deep into the parking lot going after a vehicle that was alone.

Suddenly another portal opened up similar to the man in blacks blue fire ringed portal but the color was red with an icy presence.

Out came an abomination. A skeletal head, long spines poking its way through a sickly yellowed skin along its back. The hound looked like something born of hell. With no hair, the oily sheen upon its skin glistening with the pale amber lights. The portal dropped it out onto the asphalt with a sickening thud of a lifeless body being dropped.

'The other side wants this kid dead?' Looking at his pocket watch once more he thought 'yeah I got time.' Closing it with a satisfying click.

The young man continues to walk towards the truck. Suddenly the hairs on the back of his neck stood up on end. He took out his headphones and looked around. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary but feeling as if something is seriously wrong. Turning back the sudden caw of a black raven like crow scares the young man and startled him so much he dropped his phone. Placing his hand on his chest he takes a breath before getting angry at the bird. Bending down and picking up his phone noticing the newest crack in the screen he would sigh. "Damn." Then looking back up the crow was gone. 'Crazy ass bird.' Finally walking the extra ten feet to the truck the guy scans the barcode.

The radio buzzed with static before clearing up -rookie you done yet with the scans? We need you to go prep the rail cars.-

Replying back,-yeah just got the last one, which track we starting on, 31?-

-yep, got six cars to move, six to throw over and six more to pull out before we can get to the nitty-gritty.-

The young man winces slightly. The weird feeling, and the coincidence of three six's in a row. Now this young man isn't highly religious. Just basic Wicca beliefs but this coincidence just got his mind wandering around thinking it maybe a sign of things to come. So he better be careful. After all a railcar yard is a very dangerous place.

Once again crossing the empty portion of the parking lot the young man gets another chill. This time he removed his headphones entirly and left them out as he heard a strange sound. Turning towards the sound, he could see the parked empty rail cars but nothing else. Walking towards them, he past the first set of tracks out of six. This one was empty. The sounds continued as he passed a full track of ten rail cars towards the third track which only had six on it. Here the rail cars were split up having 4 on the farther side and two on the closer side. One of the rail cars was moving.

'Strange...that's going the wrong way...aren't these tracks canted slightly?' Curiosity getting to him he crosses over and goes to look at the other side. Nothing. Both ends had nothing on them so he would radio it in.

-Hey Ramon, I got a moving rail car out here on 35 and the chocks are in place… I can smell the rubber burning.-

-What do you mean a railcar is moving? It's all locked down rookie. And the engineer is in the office.-

-Then come out here and take a look. Make sure I'm not going crazy or something.-

-Sure Thomas, just don't stand in its way.- Ramos sounded annoyed and disbelieving.

Scratching his head he couldn't think of how this railcar was moving slowly towards the gates of the yard. The brakes were set, which was why it was squealing and there was nothing attached. Then Thomas got the idea of trying to look underneath. Turning on his headlamp flashlight he bent down along its side to look under.

A hand grabbed his shoulder. "I wouldn't do that if I were you Arcaues. You might regret what you see." Stepping back thomas gets his first look at the man in black.

"Excuse me? Who is Arcaues?" Thomas says

just as a clawed hand reaches out to slice into the railcar right where the young mans head had been only a moment before.

'What the hell' 'fuck this shit' were thoughts that never got formulated into the young mans mind. Instead it went blank as he watched this clawed demonic sickly tight skinned dog like creature crawl its way out from under the railcar and stick to the side of it like a Spider as the railcar stopped moving.

"You are Arcaues, you dude. Look I can't explain what's about to happen. But I swear in your future you will thank me."

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Then the dog like creature jumped into the air, the black night covering it in its dark embrace. It was so powerful a jump that the rail cars solid metal wheels collapsed as the railcar tipped over onto its side. The young man couldn't even react as he heard the radio smack the asphalt in shock.

Then sparks of blue erupt from the fingertips of his hands as he forms a circle. Each spark branched off to form a symbol along the runic circle. Meanwhile a hole with blue flames opens up behind the stunned guy.

Following through the mysterious guy punches Thomas which throws him off balance. Just as the devil hound lands nearby blown off course by a gust of wind. Causing both a shockwave and the earth to tremor. Thomas, already unbalanced falls into the portal.

"Sorry kid you weren't supposed to exist in this world yet." The man says as he then readies himself for a fight..