1 Entangled

12th June,

End of the bright scorching summer, it's finally time for nature to calm down. It has been raining for the past six days continuously. Not that it's dripping with the same flow every day. Yesterday was a heavy shower while today it's a drizzle. It's already past three days since I have started working here at Sweet & Sour. Miss Margaret, the innkeeper also my supervisor was kind enough to let me stay in the spare room at the corner, left out for God knows how many centuries. However, the odd scent of old moist wood and dust is still prevailing even after all the cleaning I did. Not that I complain. The room is small and cosy. Perfect for a single being like me to curve up and enjoy the leisure and night.

I grab the warm coffee mug to share the subtle warmth of the mug in my hands as a cold moist breeze blow past me. I decide to let the window glass down, not liking the idea of triggering my sinusitis. Well, yes people with nasal allergies might be able to relate.

"Treasure Island"

I read the title out loud as I took the flipped book from my reading table and went through the pages. It's a book from my childhood. Mom gifted this to me on my 12th birthday. It brings back memories. Unwilling to get lost in nostalgia I try to shake off my daze. Right then, a knock on my door.

"Yes! Coming."

I see the young uptight face of Miss Margaret opening the door.

"Hello, Miss Margaret!"

She gave a formal smile and hurried inside my room. "Anastasia dear, I am sorry to say but we're short of an employee today. And the house is full. Can you join, please? I know it's your off today. But you do understand right?"

Well, what can I do now? She's really in need of help. So I decide to join.

"That's not a problem Miss Margaret. I'll join you immediately. Rest assured."

"That'd be a lot of help dear! Come fast." With a happy face she left and I sigh.

Anyways I was getting bored alone. Doing some overtime and getting additional payment is good enough.

Soon I prepare myself wearing the perfect maiden attire and hairstyle for the inn. And rush out to serve. Wow, it's full today. I mentally remark as I enter the kitchen and get the foods of table number seven who ordered this huge list of foods.

What are they? How many of them are there to order such an amount? My thoughts get interrupted when Amy a coworker nudges me with her elbow to start serving the dishes I was holding up until now without realising. I notice a giant crowd of almost twelve men sitting in front and all their eyes were gawking at me. And they start to laugh out loud at my stupidity.

Oh no, it's embarrassing! How did I lose myself in daydreaming? I mentally slap myself and continue to serve the liquors after apologizing. If my face could show colours I would be bright red right now. But tried to maintain my composure.

"Hey, guys! Stop laughing!" A deep manly voice spoke up intruding the laughter. It was quiet at once. Oh, I'm saved. Thanks, God.

"Now, now Connor. Don't scold the boys even today! It's a celebration you know. Lighten up a bit, dude." Another manly voice spoke up from the crowd directing to the person named Connor.

"Well, embarrassing someone should not be part of the enjoyment." The man named Connor replied smugly.

"Miss whatever, you can leave now. We can serve ourselves." He added and dismissed me.

I bowed and rushed back to the kitchen. He's pretty bossy and kind, I see. With that in mind, I thank him silently.