Tides Of Draconic Wars. Book

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Tides Of Draconic Wars.


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Jian Ye was an engineer, specifically a biomedical engineering, and in his free time he was a massive nerd that loved his video games, Books and literary any thing he could find on the internet. He was employed by a biomedical company that had questionable standings with there affiliates, which lead to situation he is in now, locked into his lab as a unfriendly group of people sweep through his building, in a final attempt to save his own life, he injects himself with the project he was working on at the moment, a type of nano machines that was to integrate with the human nervous system, paired with advanced AI that learns with more experience and can improve it's own coding. But as the machines booted up and started to integrate into his body, his luck ran dry as a group of people barged into his lab armed with anti material rifles unloaded upon him and his reaserch. He died not leaving a full body to bury. Only to wake up in a diffrent world, and he is not alone, as the same nano machines that failed to save his life once have been similarly given a second chance. But how effective will knowledge at the bleeding edge of the modern world be on a world shaped by magic and monsters. (note, this is currently on hold and probably won't get any work done to it for some time)