tidak dilanjutkan!!!! Starting From One Night Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

tidak dilanjutkan!!!! Starting From One Night


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Only started one night. Too short but changed the entire lives of two people who were filled with ignorance. One Night Stand? Then 'accident,' ignorance and mistakes happen. Can you beat destiny when it's too late? Rein, the innocent woman couldn't help but accept the fact that she became a 'victim.' Then Redis Sanjaya left Rein after he also felt unintentional. Redis who forced into marriage sacrificed Rein. While many people like Rein. The marriage goes badly, Rein and Redis don't get along. In fact, Redis only knew about work and work until Rein thought that person was not normal. So, what if Redis' mother asks Rein to mengubah sikap her child? Rein is faced with a choice to leave but cannot bring her child. Then the person inevitably chooses to leave. Redis' cousin, Radit, likes Rein. Radit is a person who irritates. He is an annoying person. Can Rein be happy?


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