1 Chapter 1

I suddenly wake up and see nothing but a blank white room and already know where i am as I see a old man with a beard sitting down at a table waiting.

I look at the old man and say "You killed me didn't you"

God) Yea I'm sorry about that I kinda got mad and struck you with lightning 'by accident' because of this game.

Mc) Oh your playing Fall guys?

God) Yes it is fun, but there is always this one person who waits at the end and jumps in as soon as it is the last player to get left....so sorry

Mc) It's alright, so why am I here?

God) Because I want to apologise to you for killing you, so I am going to give you one wish no restrictions

Mc thoughts) Omg really this is cool but only one wish...wait a minute...Hehehe you have made a mistake old man

Mc)Thank you and for that one wish I want infinite wishes


Mc Dumbfounded) Wait what you not gonna question anything?!

God) dude come on I'm freaking god and what people don't know is that I'm pretty chill and laid back so do whatever man your life

Mc)Wow thank God

God)No problem and btw what world do you want to go to?

Mc) Mob psycho because I just want to have time to get my main priorities out the way before I go to those big worlds

God)ok byeeee

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God snaps his fingers and the mc then disappeared into the world if Mob psycho and then god said "Man I swear they always have to cheat me in this game WHY!!!"

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