Through Thorns and Roses
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Through Thorns and Roses


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What is Through Thorns and Roses

Through Thorns and Roses is a popular web novel written by the author AmberFullMoon, covering STRONG-FEMALE-LEAD, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, HATE, EASTERN FANTASY, JOURNEY, PARALLEL WORLD, FAIRY-TALE, MYSTERIUS MAIN LEAD, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 8.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 6 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 13 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Natalia unexpectedly falls victim to online violence. When she tries to deal with a new situation, she unexpectedly witnesses an unusual phenomenon. Is it an illusion or is the door to the parallel world really opened before her eyes? Two worlds begin to merge, and Natalia finds herself in the center connecting her world and the other one, as if taken out of the eastern story. The fairy-tale world tempts her to escape to it, but is it really like a fairy-tale?


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This text is not perfect, but I have real fun reading it. First of all, it is surprising and original. He operates with certain patterns, but he does it in his own way. Chapter five really surprised me and encouraged me to follow this story even more. The regularity of the new chapters is not perfect, but quite stable so as not to subtract a point. It's just an incentive. As for the author's first episode novel, it is pretty good. I really like the imagination. The author presents the world to us, but does not give all the details, leaving a lot of space for our own imagination. In addition, she plays well on emotions (at least on mine). She also raised an important issue, but she did it naturally, not in an intrusive way. I support this text with all my heart!


Actually, this is my first serial novel. So far, I have only written traditional novels. The style of writing and developing the action is completely different, but for me it is an interesting challenge and adventure. For the first time I have to count words :) If you think this story has potential, if I have interested you in some way, I count on your support. I am waiting for your suggestions, thoughts and ideas. I outlined the reality, but let's create further adventures of the heroes together!


I think this story has potential. My imagination is already making scenarios how the action will continue, what does the other world look like, what adventures await Natalia there? And I'm curious which of the heroes will steal her heart?


Please support Through Thorns and Roses as she is participating in the competition. I am a fan of AmberFullMoon. She has an original style and can write really well. I fell in love with the first chapter of the Consequences of Certain Adventure. Then this book came out. Through Thorns and Roses is a different genre, a slightly different convention, but it's also great and I know it will be even better! I know AmberFullMoon can create great relationships between heroes. AmberFullMoon, jaiyou!


I think the biggest advantage of this book is its unpredictability. A few things really surprised me, it's like I know what's going to happen, I expect certain things, but I'm surprised that they are happening right now and just like in chapter 5. I don't know how to describe it, I'm not good with words. But I like this book.


I previously wrote about the potential of this book, but now it's not just potential. I got caught up in this story and although it has some imperfect elements, for me as a whole Through Thorns and Roses is already a very nice book :) I enjoy reading each chapter. The regularity of the upload is now amazing!


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