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Friendship... It was a sweet lie... Game of trust and betrayal. So many emotions to conceal and cover. Not allowing to give up, it won't also let you survive. The story is about friendship of a group of young people who are on their way to build a shinning future. Their friendship was irreplaceable. Seven different personalities and viewpoints, but friendship brought them together. Unbreakable and ecstatic. However something is changing in their friendship. What's going on? [Two Years Later] "You changed so much! It's like I can even recognize you" "Thanks. All credits goes to you.I changed for surviving in the middle of these cruel monsters masked as sweet humans." "Are you even the girl who was my lovely friend?" "Were you even my friend?" Suddenly the person she used to love...That person, the reason why she ended up being so pitiful said,"Can you stop over reacting? It was just a misunderstanding." Overreacting? So all of her sufferings are overreacting? Bitterly looking at him, she said,"You really disgust me..I regret falling for you..It destroyed me.." *photo credit goes to it's owners*