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No need to read much further after the prologue, I can smell another great book to keep in my library. This will be one of my recommended books to read 😍 Love your story and writing, author!


This book is such an exhilarating read! The concept is fresh and interesting that once you pick it up you wouldn't want to stop reading . Its written in such great detail that you can picture every scene vividly and the thoughts and emotions of the characters really come through. The author really knows how to portray compelling characters that make you want to root for them. This is one of the few book that does pov changes really well. Its not jumbled together, neither does it dump a whole lot of info on you in the first few chapters. Rather it's written in such a way that gradually eases you in to the plot. I love the ongoing political theme and its intricacies. Altogether this book is well written. I don't think I saw any major spelling mistake or misplaced word which is pretty amazing. Well done author. Keep writing!


The story is well written. The pacing is good and the characters aren't one dimensional with intriguing character dynamics. There's some interesting mystery at the beginning.


Simplistic and refined, not a lot of use for big words but this story doesn’t need it. It’s beautiful in its own right and cannot express how detailed the scenarios are. Story is great and has a good pacing, at the start it doesn’t dump a lot of information to get the reader started—but instead captures you slowly by how intricately woven the it is. Would love to keep reading, as I am a fan of fantasy myself but I’m nowhere near this author in terms of writing. Please don’t forget to honestly review mine author. I recommend this story to everyone especially those in need of a great adventure. This story has a lot in store just for you. Good work for the author.


This book is very exhilarating. The descriptions of the scenes and characters superb. I love the tight-knit bond of the main character and her siblings, you really did a great job there. Also, you are very good at building words. Keep it up.


A fascinating read that is compelling and gripping. The author cleverly weaved a complex story of the disparity between commoners and nobles, and the complex intricacies of the latter's politics dashed with a fine drizzle of mystery and conspiracy. Topped altogether, this made a fine story, however it does occasionally lose the rhythm when it switches from one character's perspective to another; unfortunately, it doesn't seem to flow well. However, the characters are well done and believable. What got me was how there were no good guys or bad guys; each side have done wrong with the royalty limiting the commoners, while the latter commit acts of terrorism ignorant or, worse, unapologetic of who gets caught in the crossfire. The middling gray line is always a good story aspect, and it was delivered brilliantly in this story (though a do find myself somewhat confused with the story every now and then. Like, for instance, what exactly is a Voloki? Or a Ikigai for that matter? Was it ever explained? Are they important? Why introduce them if we don't know what they are and if they're never explained?). Other than that, the story is well done and intriguing. In fact, I read all the available chapters before reviewing, signifying just how hooked I was.


Have only read up to the tenth chapter but I can already tell that there's a lot of interesting twists ahead of there. A fascinating world-building and captivating descriptive. The characters are well-written and so is the plotline. A good work overall.


I like it! i super like it that i even read till chap 37 but sadly i need to go back and do the review that's why i just added it to my libraryy kyaaahhh its super nice


Well written story with amazing details that make sure I can picture what is happening as I read. Great amount of details and figurative language. Keep it up and continue to share your amazing story.


Exquisite storyline. The story really comes alive in this fantasy world that it makes you sometimes wonder if this is a real story about peasants and lords in the history books that we all study in school. Definitely love how you word the story though ! Conveying words is such a great skill, whether in writing or real life Kudos to you author for writing a pure gem ! (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾


Very well then i just read a few chapters and i got to say my hat is off to you, this really is a hidden gem loved everything about the story and characters, i will keep reading it as it is incredable and if you happen to go through the reviews and see my review i just have to say "what the hell are you doing just read it already!"


Great story so far! It has an extremely interesting plot as well as some amazing characters! I have also read some other reviews and I must agree that his story is well-pace and intriguing story!


Very thrilling description that maks me want to read more. Please upload more chapters. I haven't read revenge stories in a while so I am looking forward to this one. Good job.


Ok, read the first few chapters and I'm all filled with these questions bout the MC and it's making me so curious that I gotta read what happens next! I also love how you write. The words mesmerize you.


This story is absolutely amazing! A ravishing gem amongst others. I love fantasy and this book is something I definitely would read over and over again without getting bored. Story is well-paced and the characters are lovable. Author's english is superb and this gives a smooth and enjoyable experience when reading. Also, the author's skill at giving descriptions is excellent. Greatly interested to see where the story goes. Definitely a must read! 💯 What are u still doing reading this review? Go read once. More updatess author. 👍 ✌️


This story was so well written, the protagonist is a relatable person many ways despite being a princess and you can’t help, but feel bad for her and her struggles. Every page I do read so far makes me want to read more, and the writing is impeccable. Will definitely stick around to see how this one unfolds!


You write really well. I have read a few chapters, I couldn't stop reading. The plot is intriguing. I chose to read this book because of its synopsis. It's added to my library and I'll continue reading this book in my free time. Great job. All the best!


So good! The fantasy elements blend perfectly with reality. The novel has the power to engage you and connect with the characters. A very bewildering story. Pretty easy to read yet the quality is super-mega remarkable. Our Mc is becoming one of my favs [Although, Nikolai is very interesting xd (Wink, Wink)] Is nothing much to say when the novel is phenomenal!


I must say this is a decent fantasy-romance novel with elements of history and seems like a big world stage which I enjoyed, the author really did a good job in making a word and a piece of romance under his hands, added to collection, keep it up!


Wonderful cover. Concept is interesting. The way the story is written is nice and can keep the readers hooked up. There is not much for me to say but I have high expectations from such a good book. Can't wait to read this more, please don't drop it.