Thousand Floor World Dungeon Book

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Thousand Floor World Dungeon


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The world dungeon. A mysterious construct. It is spoken of in myth and legend. It stands tall, reaching through the clouds above, yet none can enter. No one knows what lies within. It has stood quietly for generation after generation. But now it stirs. Only a hundred people can walk the dungeon. To leave it, they must conquer it. Or die trying. Note: Any character resemblance to actual people is coincidental, all work is original. On the off chance I figure out how to put pictures in the story, any works you see were more than likely found with a google search. If the work belongs to you let me know and I give credit/take it down. That being said I'll mark my own work. Have fun, enjoy, don't count on regular updates (sorry, I have a wacky schedule to keep up with) and if you don't like the book, don't spam hate comments, just drop the book and go, that said, constructive criticism is appreciated.


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