1 Our First Encounter

My life was indeed very boring. I cant walk properly because of my disability.

Since I was 5 years old, I already have this disability and my parents have nothing to do but to provide me the support that they can. Wheel chair, personal maid, and a comfortable room.

But that is not what I want.

What I truly want is their love and attention.

Their too busy with work or some other important stuff and I feel like they already forgotten about me.

Although I can still go to school and meet some friends. But I'm getting jealous sometimes.

All I do is just watch them playing outside, having fun with others and running with their own feet.

Right now, I'm already at college and everything seems to be normal with me.

Still my parents are not priotizing me with all of their important schedules on office. But I'm able to get used to it.


I maintained my grades on a good ranking so that still I can prove that I can still achieve my dream even without having the ability to walk.

It was Break time and the sun was on its peak.

I moved my chair to a more shaded area. so that it will be not too hot on my position.

Upon moving my wheel chair, I accidentally put too much force and it bumps on the chair of my nearest seatmate.

That was the day that my boring life had been changed.

"Im very sorry! I didn't mean to" - I was about to said something and apologize but then I was stunned by the beautiful smile of my seatmate.

"Its ok. I understand your situation." she said to me while smiling.

She dropped something and I reached it out and gave it to her.

It was an Origami crane and it is still not finished.

Since I know how to create an Origami, I fixed it out and gave it to her.

"Here. as an apology, I finished it for you." I said while giving the Origami to her.

"Woaah so you also know how to make this. that's cool."

I was about to ask her name, but then the ring bells. and the teacher was already coming inside the classroom.

I didn't even got the chance to get her name.

She was beautiful and her smile was totally amazing.

My heart was beating fast and it was the first time that I experience this kind of feeling in my whole life.

After the class has ended, I immediately look at her and I want to take this chance to talk with her.

But she was answering a phone call and she look very worried.

By that moment, I thought that maybe she had some important things to do. so, I didn't interrupt and as she goes outside the room.

After she goes outside, I saw Marco who was sometimes talking to me when he was having some problem with the lessons.

I called him and he responded immediately as soon as he heard my voice.

"Hey Dash. you need anything? this was the first time that you are calling me."

Marco was a good looking guy and always have a big confidence with himself. but he's a good guy also.

I ask him about the girl who was sitting next to me maybe he knows her name.

He laughed at me after hearing my question and he can't believe that its been too long that we have been seatmates and yet i still dont know her name.

The reason why I don't know most of my classmates name is beacuse I don't want to be interrupted on my studies.

the reason why I remember Marco is because he was always asking me some questions regarding with the lesson and sometimes her was borrowing my notes.

He stopped laughing and tap his hands on my shoulders.

"I'm very sorry for laughing about that. but to be fair, I'll tell you her name. She is Anna."

Her name was too simple to remember.

"Don't tell me you are into this girl?" Marco said while looking straight to my face.

"Ah No. I just have something to ask her about the lesson." I replied just for an excuse so that Marco will not think anything about me asking Anna's name.

"Uhmm. Ok. see you tomorrow bro." he said while going outside.

Same as usual, I contacted my service to take me home and carry me. out of my wheelchair.

this was the most embarrassing part of the day for me. especially when other people see me while my service was carrying me out of my chair.

Upon going home. I greet my parents but they were too busy about their task as usual.

my maid help me on getting to my bed and I already told her that I can handle everything now. I will just call if I might need some help.

I opened my laptop and check my social media just to see what's trending right now.

this was the only thing that keeps me busy all night until I fall asleep.

But then, while I was continously scroll to my newsfeed, I received an email notification.

I was wondering who was it and sending email with this hour might be something serious.

I opened my inbox and there was a message coming from a sender named. "Thousand Crane."

I checked the content of the email and here is what is says.

"Hi Goodevening.

I know this was too random and it was already night time.

But I just want to say thank you for fixing my Origami earlier this morning. you're a natural. the flips on the paper was perfect and you need it very quick. by the way my name is Anna and I'm sorry for getting your email without permission. Can we talk tomorrow after class? don't worry if you're too busy its ok. thats all. have a good night.

Best Regards.


while I was reading the content of the email. I just realized that I was smiling the whole time.

Wait why am I smiling with that simple message?

Why is my heart beating so fast and I'm getting too excited.

I'm not used to this kind of feeling.

I think I cannot sleep properly today I will keep on thinking about her.

No. I need to calm myself.

I closed my laptop, I prayed and then I close my eyes for about 10 mins and still I cannot sleep.

I get my phone and as usual solution for this kind of scenario every night. I oepned my music playlist and listened to the sound of the rain.

Listening to the sound of the rain makes me calm and comfortable and slowy I'm already becoming sleepy by just a few minutes of listening.