Thorns of the Forgotten Rose
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Thorns of the Forgotten Rose


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What is Thorns of the Forgotten Rose

Thorns of the Forgotten Rose is a popular web novel written by the author Panqiuyan, covering ROMANCE, FAMILY ISSUES, CUPID, BODY SWAP, DRAMA, REVENGE, TRAGEDY, LOVE TRIANGLE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 19.3K readers with an average rating of 4.34/5 and 17 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 8 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After a breakup, Lia Lin Ai got into an accident. Strangely, a cupid offers her second at life, putting her soul into the body of a girl with a similar name. Without the memories of said girl, can Lin Ai live her life? What happens when her old connections come into the picture? Heart thumping Lin Ai could not believe her eyes. A figure stood close and pinning her against the wall. Oh god! End my life now! Lin Ai thought to herself A smile appears on the figure's face and it spoke the words. "I have caught you. You are mine!" How did everything go wrong? What will she do? Read to find out


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This is a really interesting story with a refreshing plot. I'm so looking forward to this. Your writing style is good. Plus the characters are portrayed beautifully.


I liked the way how the story started. The character and world design are quite intriguing. the flow of the story is quite good too. the author's style of writing could use some improvements though. but apart from that, I'm really hooked on to this story. I can't wait for the next chapters. Thank you so much for working hard!


You have a great story and the first chapters were nice. The only problem I have found was other dialogues were not distinguishable who said it. Please put the name and action of the ones who said it. Peace be with you, I don't want to be harsh. Just wanted to improve your novel that is.... Please do the same for my novel called Waking Up In Undead World. I will wait!


Interesting premise loaded with a lot of potential. Hmnn, what can I help you with. Let's see. The author can polish the the work more by showing and not telling. E.g furious - how furious show us what she looked like - furrowed brows, etc. Anyway, may the author write more, edit more, and learn more.


Nice story, even this genre is not my type but still has a lot of potentials. If you can describe more detail about character appearance, it will improve your story. Hope that Lin Ai find true love. So far, so good.excelent work author.


The first thing that scream at me was the amount of dialogue on the starting chapters. I want to suggest the author to at least describe the setting. Yes, just from reading the dialogue, one could tell that it's set in the modern world, but I want some descriptions. If they are rich businessmen, I want a bit of description regarding their status maybe what kind of circle of people they hang around with, living situation, or how big their business is. Other than that everything is good, one thing that I love is the attitude of the main character, Lin Ai. It's a hate and love kind of attitude that I intrigue with. At the begin, lol, I want to slap her so bad. She the kind of children that I would be afraid to raise, so I'm hoping further on in the story that she could restrain herself a bit. And Learn to better herself for family and herself. Another interesting thing that's making me excited is the love drama that's going to happen soon. In overall, the story is just starting to get to the plot. It's a bit clique, but hey, clique or not, this story is interesting!


Not my normal cup of tea but still engaging enough to catch my attention and cause me to read more. Great spin on the classic reincarnation genre!


Wow-what an interesting story, I love the background and the humour the small cupid brings in. I can't stop reading to find out what is going to happen next. Well done author keep updating [img=update]


A good story with eye catching synopsis. As the synopsis make curious to read more. And for each chapter one think come to mind what gonna happen next. Intresting story . Keep going author. Good work.


Interesting premise so far. There are some grammatical mistakes but those can be fixed with a quick edit. Author has created a nice storyline with a unique plot to the reincarnation genre. Main character is interesting as well. Just a heads-up to the author to remove the Chinese characters if you want the novel to be whitelisted again. Keep writing!


A funny and interesting story with a weird twist over reincarnation and a few ignorable grammatical mistakes that don't mess with the story's flow. All in all a good read.


Sooooo interesting. I mean all i can think about is, what's gonna happen next? Will the Main Character survive like this? What's going on? (And other billion questions) The plot really catches your eye. And so does the name. I like how it's going so far! Please update!


Ok... In every reincarnation novels the good girl replaces the bag girls and changes their destiny. But this is the opposite. The concept is quite novel and I have enjoyed it. Keep up the good work author😊


Very well, Author we got the start of something special here! I can't point my finger what exactly makes this special but, keep on going and I will be back for more!


The beginning of this series is a lot like the beginning of Yu Yu Hakusho, but only gender flipped and set more in the present day, setting up the main character well.


Okay. I read only prologue yet, but I can see it will be an interesting story. I like these kinds of stories, so I just want more updates. Can't wait for more chapters.




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