This Warm Marriage is Bone-deep Sweet Book

novel - Romance

This Warm Marriage is Bone-deep Sweet

Man Xi

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Through a family-arranged marriage, Susan Yates and the fourth son of the Quin family, Brad Quin, got married to each other. After their marriage, the low-key Brad changed his introverted style and flaunted their love from time to time. The assistant reported, "Mr. Quin, Ms. Yates' ex-boyfriend just posted on Facebook asking for a reconciliation. Thirty million fans are going wild online!" The man's gaze was sharp and his tone was low. "Hack his Facebook account!" The assistant reported again. "Mr. Quin, there are media reports that Ms. Yates' clothes are from an imitation brand." The man held a cigarette between his fingers and blew out smoke. "Contact the brand and hold a press conference with their spokesperson!" The assistant reported, "Mr. Quin, Ms. Yates… wants a divorce!" The man put down the document in his hand and glanced at the child beside him. "Your mom wants a divorce!" The child took a bite of ice cream and said in a childish voice, "Dad, Mom has been working so hard to raise me. Give me more money, thank you!"


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