This time I don't need a Father Book

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This time I don't need a Father


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Oorvi is a psychologist who wants to be a neurologist someday but falls into her relatives' ploy. She gets pregnant after the first night with her husband, but the problem is that she already left him. Oorvi gives birth and welcomes the little angel in her life. *** Kaushik saw his mother's death, his father killed her. He would definitely take revenge, but not now. He's too young for it, after all, have you heard a kid over a year old taking revenge. Revenge can wait; For now, let's just enjoy my mother's hug and her warmth. *** A/N: If you are expecting a 'cold, classy and domineering president' as the male lead then you are at a wrong address. Because you cannot be cold and domineering here, afterall Maya is a scary being...


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