This Time I'll be Sweeter Book

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This Time I'll be Sweeter


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"For this birthday, I wish to receive a special gift from someone." Kenneth whispered under his breath. However, it was still loud enough for Elise to hear. When he blew his candle and opened his eyes again, he saw that his girlfriend's face had taken the shade of deep red. But who would not?!! Elise knew more than anyone what did he mean by that 'special gift'. With her cheeks still flushed, the girl handed him the gift that she prepared beforehand. But it was no ordinary gift, it was the newest model released by Rolex! Kenneth scowled upon the sight of the watch. There was no doubt that the watch cost a fortune and there was no way he could accept such an expensive gift from the other party. Yet before he could even say a word, Elise already sealed his lips with a kiss. Of course, the guy answered back with the same passion. "Kenneth, wait... There's more." Elise murmured while looking straight into Kenneth's eyes. "There's more?!" The other party asked back without tearing his eyes away from Elise's lips that were ripe from kissing. Elise on the other hand moved away from him and deliberately let the strap of her spaghetti top fell on her shoulder. "Me....."


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