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This Story got a Renew version


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Yay! Another Highschool DXD Fanfic since the other one is dropped because How stupid I am though it was my first I learnt my lesson The story about the photographer will be On Hiatus so Check it out Also cover not mine and if the artist ask me to take it down then I will gladly do it just gonna make sure my Internet doesn't fucks me Warning! Spelling is not perfect and all other bull crap that's all Also this fanfic may fall one day because of my shitty imagination so don't expect a better plotline and some stuff I don't know Ahem! Synopsis! Nishimura Nishina a Classic School Boy in Tokyo All that classic BS shite and then all of the sudden he was killed Not by fucking truck-kun but Heart-Kun (A Heart attack) As he was drifting through space for about a whole 1 hour he was suddenly met a God "What Wishes do you want to get reincarnated Sir. Nishina?"


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