This Queen Will Live
(In Luxury) Book

novel - Historical Romance

This Queen Will Live (In Luxury)


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BxG With this character who loves her family and her looks who can touch her. Qin Lifen, or at least that is the name of this body, is the empress of Chi Dynasty. Except... why is this empress powerless? Her memory clearly shows her pregnant, but where are her children? What's with all this concubines? Where is the emperor? And most importantly... what's with this shed of a house, and this dog food? What happened to the luxurious living of the empress in history books? Jennifer May, a 21st century girl died and was transmigrated into the body of an empress whose life seems less than ideal ... but... what's with this face that looks like mine... why is it so beautiful? (Disclaimer: I don't own any of the images. Although this story is mainly a BxG romance there is a BL part to it as well)


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