This Option Is also Possible?! Book

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This Option Is also Possible?!


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Choices had to make, it's what the earthling need to pick to continue their path. Out of the three difficulties they had to make in that room, only 1 is the right one. while the other 2? it's like a joke created to the weak and courageous one. having lived his life off, from the correct path might not be something helpful to Lucas, though. After his death, he once again needs to choose the option. But, what's the right choice out of the 3? "Can I pick all three of them? " **** Thanks for reading my story here, and please share your thought! Every critic is helpful, but please don't be too harsh on me. I'm learning English since it's not my mother tongues, using Grammarly but human and program is the same, they'd filled with mistakes and fault, that's why if you found any error don't shy to tell me. @Picture from halcyon 450 DeviantArt with slight tweaking from me!


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