1 Something Like Magnets

Day 3

A six-foot, two inches tall, broad-shouldered alpha stares outside of his full wall office window with his arm pressed against the glass. "Why am I so sweaty?", he thinks to himself. He removes his jacket throwing it behind him in the direction of his desk and loosens his necktie.

He walks to his desk trying to pay it no mind. To the right on the desk always in view is a small golden globe. The alpha stares at the glowing cylinder, trying to pull himself together again. "My company is a few months away from being a Fortune 500, there's no time to be ill?"

"Hey Siry, Call, Michaelis", he tells the Ai. "Yes, Alpha", it responds.

"Sir", Michaelis says over the office's internal speaker.

"Bring me some ice water"

"Yes, Sir"

He stares intensely out his window. "Why do I want to look this way?" he recalls.

Over the weekend he spent hours looking out the eastward facing windows of his home. Whenever he wasn't facing this way, he felt a nagging pull to turn around.

Back at the office, Michaelis enters through the tall black doors with the water and aspirin.

"Here, you are S.."

Before he could finish, the alpha was already in front of him drinking the glass then throwing the pitcher on himself. His white button-up shirt begins to stick to his body as the liquid spreads. He plops down on the couch. Michaelis hands him the aspirin.

"H-here you are,..Sir", says the butler in confusion.

"Thank you, Michaelis"

"Should I call your doctor?"

"No, no I'm sure I'll be alright"

Day 5

"I am not alright," the Alpha says to the beta behind him, this time with both hands firmly pressed against his office window protruding his back muscles.


"I've already pulled the car around, Sir"

After an uncomfortable ride to the doctor's office. He is told that it is nothing that a goodnight's rest won't fix. He takes the rest of the day off.

At home, the alpha tries to rest but as his temperature rises, the layers come off. First his blankets, then his pajama top and bottom. He lays naked on the sheets. After a night of tossing and turning, his body is just too tired to stay awake anymore. In the morning, he wakes up on the floor near his most eastward window and looks at his wall clock to check the time,"I'm late. I've never been late! Get it together,Jace",the tired alpha growls at himself.

Day 6

A finicky omega sits in the back of a Lift, constantly adjusting himself.

"Err, omega... I-I mean Sir, where are we going, I've been taking left turns for about 5 minutes now. Do you know where you want to go? " the driver asks.

"One more time around the block, PLEASEEEE," the omega adorably smiles with his white and shiny teeth at the beta driver knowing that would most likely work. The beta blushes and with a fluster in his voice says, "Sure..ahem, one more time."

"Thank you, kind sir!"

"I probably don't even have to tip this guy."

The omega thinks. "He's here somewhere! In one of these office buildings, I know it!"


"MICHAELIS! Bring the car around, we're going back to the hospital!" Jace yells through Siry, hunched over his desk. He's now panting for breath and his half-buttoned shirt is drenched with sweat. Something isn't right..What is happening to me, WHAT IS THIS FEELING! The alpha begins to leave the office and as he does the pull gets stronger. He stops in his tracks grabbing at his heart. He feels like a ten-pound weight struck him in the chest. He briskly walks out of the building.

Back in the Lift, the omega feels the same weight hit his chest. "STOP!" the omega yells. "Let me out here!" The omega flies out of the vehicle on the street side."Hey,! *huck* Wait! Don't get hit!", the driver coughs out as a burst of the omega's pheromones fill the car. "That direction", the omega thinks. With a loud screech of brakes, a car barely misses the omega, who paid it no attention and runs to the median strip park that separates the two sides of the street. "That direction", the alpha thinks. He walks across the street still clenching his chest, cars just seem to sense his presence. As he begins to walk, they slow down in their approach. An omega in the nearest car peeks out the window to get a better look, the alpha is very disheveled in a state only his most intimate person would normally see him. They both enter the park.

After a few looks to the left and right, the omega head turns to meet the feral eyes of an alpha. Jace stretches out his hand to the omega, who runs as fast as his two and a half feet legs can carry him to his alpha. He was expecting an embrace but finds his face smushed in one of Jace's hands. "So it's you," sneered the alpha, bending down slightly. The omega becomes beet red. Suddenly, he's scooped up onto the alpha's shoulders as he strides back into the office building. This time ignoring the impending rush of an ambulance.

"My alpha, My alpha, my alpha," the omega thinks, bumping up and down with every heavy step. FWISH! His pheromones begin to fume and trail through the office, causing the beta's to furrow their brows, the omega's to gag, and the alpha's to sweat. In his office, Jace plops him on the couch and sits on the other one across from a coffee table. The omega stares with wide unblinking eyes. The alpha doesn't return his gaze. He sits with his arms on his knees and head in one of his hands. "My alpha my alpha my alpha," repeats in the omega's head. After a few moments. He stomps to his desk, grabs his golden globe that represents his dream, and smashes it into a corner of the room. This causes the omega to flinch and he releases afraid pheromones. Jace spins around.

"Stop releasing your pheromones," he yells,..."I'm not going to hurt you" in a softened voice. With that, the omega's pheromones switch from scared to lust. Now, the alpha is red as well. He fetches his coat and tosses it on the omega. "Wrap yourself in that" he tells him. The alpha can roughly hear a small voice say, "Sorry" from under it. He picks up the omega, his head resting on his left arm and legs over the other. Then he speed walks through the office to where Michaelis is still waiting out front.The coat over the pheromones is enough to prevent some work complaints. Outside, he steps into the limo. The omega still in his arms resting on his lap. Instead of instructions, the driver hears heavy panting from the back seat.

"Where to, Sir?"

"Sorry Michaelis, Home B," he responds.

The omega peaks out of the coat. Some of his pheromones escape, causing Michaelis to let out a cough.

"STAY UNDER THERE," the alpha commands with a growl in his voice.

The black tufts of hair quickly disappear back within the coat. This was the longest drive in the alpha's life, the omega's whimpers reach him, and like honey to his ears and his other senses light up. After several minutes of sweating and panting from both parties, they arrived at Home B.

"My alpha my alpha my alpha" spins through the omega's head.

The car doesn't get a chance to stop before he dashes out of it to the house. As he approaches the entrance he says, "Siry, I'm Home". The Ai unlocks the doors that swing open on their own, but not fast enough. He kicks one out of the way and continues his stride through the house, up the stairs to a bedroom. He tosses the omega on the bed and he lands with a "welp". Jace pounces on top of the omega hovering over with him in between his arms. He's become slightly unwrapped from the coat giving the alpha a closer look at his fair bright sparsely freckled skin. He flings it completely open which reveals a crystal clear view of the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. He stares into the watery golden eyes of his omega.

FWOOSH! With that, the room is filled with lust pheromones this time from the alpha. The omega lets out a loud whine and shivers as liquid oozes from his orifices. He stares at the squirming noirette underneath him with deep heavy breaths, filling up his whole chest with the omega's scent in each inhale. His teeth begin to vibrate as instinctual attraction becomes primal.

A rumbling in his throat crescendos into a growl and he says,"I'm going to hurt you just this once and then never again, Okay?"

"Okay," the omega faintly, but eagerly replies.

And with that response the alpha gives in.

Current Time: 11:24am.

He flips the omega on his back and tears his shorts. "Nngh", cries the omega. His plump sparsely freckled ass protrudes out the seam.The alpha doesn't waste a second. The source of that nagging pull he's felt the past week was right beneath him. With the force stronger than it's ever been, he spreads the noirette's cheeks, grabs his waist, and shoves himself inside the tight little whole.The omega screams digging his nails into the alpha's arms. He pounds into him, pulling out until only the head is sheathed inside then pushing all the way to the base.The omega's nerves electrify. His muscles quiver around the alpha's cock feebly attempting to get used to the sensation. He shivers from the pain. But he's also consumed by a primal thirst that can only be quenched by the man vigorously thrusting inside of him.

Those quivering muscles squeeze around the alpha's member. Jace growls to the sensation. He releases his waist and leans on the bed. Forcing himself deeper inside.The omega screams and tears cloud his eyes. He paws at the sheets in an attempt to scoot away. Jace grabs his wrists pinning him down on the mattress. The omega yelps at the show of dominance, but the feeling of being dominated by an alpha and not just any alpha, his fated pair made his chest burn. With each thrust, pain slowly turns into ecstasy.

The clock reads 1:29pm.

The omega rides Jace. "Aah..Aaah..Aaah..," leave his throat with each slide on the alphas' thick cock. Jace grunts harmoniously then it hits him that this can't possibly be the omega's first time.Territorial instincts fluster inside him and he wants to erase the memory of anyone else from his omega's mind. He wants his omega to only want him from now on. He grabs the omega's hips and powerfully thrusts upward. The omega feels a sharp pressure in his stomach and chokes on his own breath. Jace pounds into him. The omega trembles and he holds onto Jace for support. The pleasure electrifies through him and lets out a wailing moan, he cums on the alpha's stomach, then collapses onto him. The omega's body slightly vibrates. Jace stops thrusting and caresses him. "Is he purring?" Jace thinks. He drags his hand down the omega's spine. He responds with moans into the alpha's ear. Jace breathes in the sounds and with a twisted smile bites his omega's neck.

The clock reads 2:57pm.

Jace firmly holds the omega's jaw as he aggressively kisses him. The omega hums into his mouth as down below the alpha is ramming into him. His body jolts each time that thick, warm cock pushes against his cervix, rubbing along all those sensitive nerves. "My alpha, my alpha" continues to ring through the omega's mind. Jace wraps one arm around the omega's head and the other around his arching back. He can still sense the softness of his skin even though they are both sweaty messes. Jace's eyes glint. The alpha merrily grumbles with his face in the omega's neck. He continues to thrusts as he instinctually licks the wound he left on him.

The clock reads 4:41pm.

Jace grunts as he cums inside the omega. The omega has another screaming orgasm as the hot liquid shoots inside his ass. His body seems to congratulate him for getting this alpha's seed, he's never felt this before and his muscles convulse in the pleasure. Jace rests on his haunches as the last of it seeps into the omega. He looks down and an explosion couldn't pull his eyes away. The boy's chest rises and falls quickly as he catches his breath. He stares at his porcelain skin besides from freckles here and there. It's so smooth and perfect he can't help but touch it. He drags his fingers down his sternum. The omega harmoniously responds by twitching at the touch. This body was for Jace to savour. To devour.... Without thinking, Jace bites the side of the omega's neck. Listening to the omega's cry he gets hard again and his thick, long member begins to throb.

It is 5:33pm.

Lying on their side from behind*, Jace thrusts into him. With his arms wrapped around the omega, he pinches his nipples, leaving him no time in between moans."Nnnngh...Aaaah," the omega repeats, fueling the fire in Jace. Then the omega does something it hasn't before, he calls out the mantra that's consumed him for the past six hours. "Alpha...al..nngh..pha", the omega mewls. This sends the alpha over the edge. His cock throbs violently. As the sensation rattles through him he realizes what's going on. At this point he has enough sense to pull out of the omega. Jace pants as he waits for his knot to deflate. The primal urge begins to subside. He runs his finger down the back of his purring mate and says

"This One's Mine"


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