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"Mom I am going to school" you shouted while wearing your shoes. "but you didn't eat anything yet..just have some bread atleast" your mom suggested "naah I am already late...I will just eat something at cafeteria... now bye" with that you head out of your house.

(at bus stand)

" What took you so long , I was waiting for you for 10 minutes" Sana said. "I am sorry ....I overslept hehe"

"every fucking time...lets go now" Sana stated . And with that you both head to school.

Sana is your best friend, you just love her and you can never find another friend like her in your life....she is always there for you.

---------------------time skip-------------------

(In school)

"Hey show me your timetable...I wanna see if we have any same class before lunch break" Sana say casually

" ya here it is" you handed your timetable.

"Fuck we didn't have any class together before lunch...so irritating , how I am going to handle all this without you" Sana said and you chuckle a bit.

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" Sayin the one who is smarter than me....ah just go I know you can get through this" you say while laughing.

"ok then I will see you at lunch " sana say and you nodded before walking away.

" Hey y/n" you turn around to see who it is " hey jihyo...how are you" you smiled. Jihyo is your friend is has mostly same classes as you. " I am fine just some headache you know these assignments are killing me ....anyways we have same class so lets go together" you nodded and start walking while talking about all the things happening at school.

" Hey you know what Kai confesses yesterday that he like you" jihyo said excitedly

"no way....I am sure you are lying and even if he says that I have zero interest in him" you say " why...do you want to die single or something like that?" she say " no its not like that....I am just waiting for someone special" you say while entering in the class.

"Whatever bruh...by the way are you-"

"Hey y/n" kai cutted jihyo off and smile at you "hey kai" you said avoiding him. " How are you?" kai say


"Settle down everyone" teacher entered in the class and everyone sit on their assigned seat.

-------------------------time skip------------------

( lunch time, at cafeteria)

"Hey bitch.....I missed you"

"I know right..." you chukled

"well- "

"shh....its him"

. You see him...your long time crush jeon jungkook who is coming towards your direction with his friends as usual.

"Until when are you just going to look at him like that....just go and talk to him... he was your friend anyways" sana says

"I dont have GUTS for that and we have lost touch now" you say while keeping your eyes on jungkook

"but y-"

"DID U LOOK AT THAT...HE JUST LOOK AT ME IN THE EYES" you cutted sana off and start doing the little dance.

" ahhh I am done with you" sana says irritatingly.

You chuckled "but I still love you sana .....lets go now" "yeah"

-----------------------time skip--------------------

(english period)

This is the period you are sharing with jungkook and as usual instead of listening to teacher or looking at board you are looking at him only....mire like you are staring at him.

"So you will have the assignment which you have to do in your summer breaks and you all are doing it in pair so pls check this name list before you go. I have put you all in pairs" teacher says

*bell rings*

" ok enjoy your holidays" teacher says and go out of the class. You are already so much tired so you didn't look at that list and straight away go out of the class.

"Y/N" you look around to see who it is. There is him Jungkook looking at you with a small smile on his face.

"umm..yeah?" you tried to act normal while your heart is pounding in your chest.

" Did you watch that list" jungkook spoke

"no I didn't....why?"

" Well we both are partners for the assignment" jungkook spoke with a little excitment in his voice.

"W-what...Umm I mean ok I will look forward to work with you" you say and start going but jungkook stop you by holding your wrist.

Gosh why he is doing this with me

"umm..." jungkook starts speaking "we have to discuss where to met....So can I-" he hesitated a bit

"can you?"

"Can I have your number?" jungkook say nervously

"sure" you say and handed him your number.

"K see ya y/n" Jungkook say and went away.

"Hey what happen..Why are you so red" sana approach you

"j-jungkook and I are working together on an assignment " you managed to say as you are still in shock

" oh reallyy? congo bae.... So whats the assingment?" sana says being more excited than you

" we have to write the reviews for an movie" you say.

"yeahhhh that means you both will go and watch the movie?.....Yeah y/n movie date girl" sana teased you

"o shut up ....This is just for assignment nothing else....Now lets go" you say and you both went home.

------------------------time skip---------------------

(at home)

You were chilling on your bed when you got a notification ----

To be continued 💕💕