1 Chapter 1-The Beginning

~No ones POV~

"Annnnnnnd....swish?!" The ball barely went through the hoop but it somehow did. Kiyoshi, a young 16 year old who loves playing basketball. He's in the team though he's not that confident at it. "Phew...barely made it in though.." he sighed under his breath and sat down, playing with the ball. He heard the gym door, who came in is his childhood best friend.

"Playing again?" His friend asked. His name is Haruki. Unusual white hair and green eyes. He wears glasses also! He loves sports though and supports Kiyoshi through thick and thin.

"Yeah..." Kiyoshi responded, sounding a little sad. He bounced the ball and took another shot. This time it perfectly went in! "Hey I actually did it!" He chirped to his friend who's watching him. He nodded at him, happy for his accomplishment. Kiyoshi ran to the ball and picked it up, he passed it to Haruki. "Take a shot!" He enthusiastically said to him.

"You know I don't play anymore.." he said to him, looking at the ball.

"But you were the best person in the team! Your shots were perfect! And you're fast so..for me..?" Kiyoshi pleaded at his friend. Haruki rolled his eyes and sighed. "Just...for you.." immediately, he threw the ball to the hoop which got in! "That was only luck." He said looking at Kiyoshi.

"Blah blah ok, I know you're not here to watch me so what do ya want?" Kiyoshi asked him, walking back to grab the ball. Haruki thought for a second, then snapped his fingers.

"Oh yeah! We have to go home now, it's reallllyy late and I so happened to actually think about you and check if you're willing to go home." He lazily said, answering his question. Kiyoshi glanced at him and the ball. "What if I don't want to-"

"I won't let you eat the cookies I made."

"Ok! Ok! I'll pack up everything!" He pouted at him and grabbed all his stuff. His bag and the ball I mean. He finished packing and skipped to where Haruki is. "Ready?"

Haruki walked out of the gym, not responding but opening his bag...to find cookies in a plastic bag! Kiyoshi stares at the cookies then at his friend. Reading Kiyoshis mind, he took out a cookie and gave it to him. Kiyoshi took the cookie and took one big bite out of it. "Yummy!" He exclaimed with the cookie still his mouth. "You really are a messy eater aren't you..?" He looked at him in disgust on how he somehow ate the cookie so fast.

Kiyoshi wiped his mouth and turned to his friend. "It's a hidden talent my dear." He simply replied and walked a little ahead of him. Haruki sighed in response, though smiled at the end to his friend. Of course Kiyoshi couldn't see because he was in front of him. "I could feel you smiling you know that." Kiyoshi randomly said and turning behind him, walking backwards.

Haruki continued walking, though his eyes are wide and surprised. "Annnd...?" He asked his friend hesitantly.

"You should smile more, you'll attract more people and you look nice when you do it." He responded, smiling at his friend. Haruki laughed at him, thinking how crazy he is!

"You really are a unique one Koro-chan." He said to him, smiling.

"Hey I told you to stop calling me that!!" Kiyoshi stopped walking and glared at him angrily. Kiyoshi walked past him without a thought. This made Kiyoshi angrier.

"Hey you can't just do-!"

"And you should be more angry in public, it makes you look adorable. And you'll attract more people." Haruki said to him, trying to sound like his friend.

"Oh you've done it now!!" Kiyoshi said and ran to him. Laughing, Haruki ran away from him. He is faster than him which made Haruki feel bad for his friend because he was a mile ahead of him.

He immediately sighed and sat down on a wall where his house is. Him and Kiyoshi are neighbours, another reason why they're childhood friends. After what felt like forever, Kiyoshi came up to his friend panting, and sat on the floor. "...C-Cheater.." he said still panting and trying to catch his breath.

Haruki laughed at him, offering a hand to help him to sit on the wall. Kiyoshi took that hand and Haruki pulled him up. "Thanks!" He said finally catching his breath and resting there.

They had a peaceful silence until Haruki decide he's going inside his house now. He hopped of the wall and walked to his house, he waved goodbye to Kiyoshi and went inside. Kiyoshi stayed sitting on the wall for a few more minutes until going inside.

"I'm home!" He yelled, closing the door and waiting for a response. "Welcome back Kiyoshi!" His mother responded in the kitchen. "Well since it's Friday, we have pasta!" She said happily to him. He nodded at his mother and went upstairs. He put all his stuff away and tapped away on his phone.

~15 minutes later~

"It's ready!!" His mother called to him. He immediately went downstairs to his mother and took his food. She did the same and they both walked to the living room. His mother put on the news. "Moooooom this is boring.." he whined to his mother. She giggled at him. "Well we need to know what's going on in the world!" She happily said to him and looked at the screen. He sighed, and took out his phone, eating at the same time.

"Kiyoshi...look.." his mother said to him sounding nervous and scared at the same time. He looked at the T.V, in bold texts at the bottom it read. 'Zombie Apocalypse Happening?' He looked back and forth from his mother to the screen. He looked at the screen and watched.

"So what you're saying sir is that there is an apocalypse happening in the world?" The interviewer asked the man. The man nodded calmly at the lady.

"Why would you think that and how would that happen?" She asked him. "Well, turns out a few of our experiments got loose here and there and it spreads quite fast." He said to her, the interviewer looked scared but remained her composure.

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"And how may you turn into a zombie?"

"Simple. Get eaten by one, if you do you be some brainless. Wanting to eat more and more." He replied.

"I see..what shall we do during the situation..?"

"I recommend finding a safe place. The military is making of finding one right now around the world. We decided to put away our differences and work together. What to do is to avoid those creatures at all costs. If you feel brave enough, you may fight them but they're fast. Not smart but they run fast. The weak point is their heads. Take off the head or knock it out and you can successfully escape."

"Very interesting indeed...anything else about them?"

"Other than their speed, they have a great sense of smell. Can smell anything from a mile away! But, their vision is very poor. So they may smell you but they can't see you."

"Amazing indeed, any antidotes..?"

"Sadly not yet but we are trying our best to find or make one."

"Extraordinary! Anyways, thank you for tuning in everybody. See you next time in Nighttime News." She smiled at the camera and it moved onto the weather. Kiyoshi stared at the screen blankly, then turned to his mother. She was shocked as well.

"I'll go to bed...see you.." he quietly said to his mother, she nodded but didn't turn to him. He went upstairs, got changed and flipped onto the bed. He turned to his back and stared to the ceiling.

"Why is this happening...?"

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