This is Catharsis

Author: MissMayhem
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What is This is Catharsis

Read ‘This is Catharsis’ Online for Free, written by the author MissMayhem, This book is a War&Military Novel, covering CONQUER Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Inkstone does not seem to be responding at the moment, but a cover for the story will be up whenever I get the chance! A...


Inkstone does not seem to be responding at the moment, but a cover for the story will be up whenever I get the chance! A college student, Akira Myles, is about to end his summer vacation and start his last year in the top University of Roseate. A story made of fiction, that revolves around this student as the world he grew up in starts to drastically change and crumble when an accident turns for the worst. His decisions start to change as he is forced to cross the wall that separate the country Rose and Turkonian to escape a war that was never meant to break out, leaving his home and possibly his future behind. Now he is faced with choices he never knew would rise and a war he never thought he'd be involved with. Enjoy his journey and see what unfolds!

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Hey guys this is my first story so there will be lots of redos, coming to the story it will be thousands of years in the future where humans have colonized and reshaped planets in the solar system to survive, After multiple world wars and alien invasions, humans get divided into 5 groups based on the nature of their power, the biggest and strongest force are the mutants, next strongest are the magic users that use mana, 3rd strongest and also close to the strength of magic users are the aura users who use life energy, next are the Espers that are very few in number and their power depends on the extent to which they can unlock and use the human brain capacity that helps in telekinesis, telepathy and other mental abilities that will be explained in the story and finally the last group of people will be the androids part human and part robots. The main enemies will be the asuras that also live in the milky way galaxy(Rubix galaxy according to my story) and also devas though they are not antagonistic completely their petty nature that looks down on the humans leads to some conflicts. The Nexus Federation is founded by John Nexus the strongest human and mutant that ever existed at the current point of the story, he freed humanity from the slavery of the asuras that had took place for 7326 years and the dates have been reset to AN(After Nexus) under Johns might and leadership the entire humanity had united and managed to drive the asuras out of the solar system, but after 5848 years of his reign of leading the nexus federation, he passed away in a fierce battle against one of the strongest asuras for dominating the Rubix galaxy. In the year of 7048 once again a new generation of prodigies appear that give hope and confidence to the leaders of the nexus federation to achieve what John Nexus couldn't, Read more to find out if these new generation elite can achieve the hopes and dreams of humanity. The cover is not mine. I don't know who the creator is, but if the creator wants to take credit or take it down please contact and let me know

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4 Chs


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