This is an Overlord Fanfic. Maybe...
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This is an Overlord Fanfic. Maybe...


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What is This is an Overlord Fanfic. Maybe...

This is an Overlord Fanfic. Maybe... is a popular fanfic written by the author Evrabonzz, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, ACTION, SMARTMC, ADVENTURE, MODERN, COMEDY, HARM, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 2.7M readers with an average rating of 4.76/5 and 271 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 54 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


MC died, meet a god, agreed to be isekai'd in isekai to be isekai'd later on isekai where magic is real. Makes sense right? Now read it. Also, if you haven't noticed yet, this is an isekai story. And also, this Fanfic is a fulfilment story type. I will be focusing on some plot, but you already know what we all want. This a godforsaken fanfic goddammit. If you want plot, just watch the anime instead! Note: The update of the chapters will be really inconsistent. Sometimes, i will update regularly, sometimes don't, so don't expect much. Join me on Discord: https://discord.gg/amFphWJ *English is not my main forte so try not to be salty as your underwear.* _______________ If you are interested in supporting my work even in the smallest amount. I'll also promise to fastened the update of the new chapters if you do. www.PayPal.me/Evrabonzz And join my patron to unlock the advance chapters. www.Pat-reon.com/Evrabonzz *I don't own anything, credits go to Maruyama. The OG Author of the Overlord*


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What? I wrote it, what do you expect? Handsome Author, Handsome Author, Handsome Author Handsome Author Handsome Author Handsome Author Handsome Author Handsome Author Handsome Author Handsome Author Handsome Author Handsome Author


You have written a excelent sotry , cant wait for more A few other overlord stories have done things sLightly similar to your own but one thing which i havent find i think is using the lore of the story to your advantage Why dont you write your characters lore and make yourself OP or give yourself more advantages when the story Starts


I start this novel not expecting much but look where it got me... Now I can’t even bare to wait for the slow update. It get very addictive. Author story telling skills are good.


It is an extremely nice fan fiction, worth your time believe me, and you have nothing better to do so give it a shot, okay ? Oh, don’t listen to those negative reviews, these degenerates are the main reason for the invention of condoms and birth control pills, So please, Protect yourself, and don’t make anymore of those arseholls !


I see Overlord, I bookmark. I see and R-18 Overlord, I bookmark. I see Albedo, I bookmark. But why the hell I even bookmark beside the gorgeous thot succubus cover? That awesome summary that is!


Reveal spoiler


This site needs more overlord fanfic. Such a good light novel, yet nobody ever expands on it. My only complaint is the small chapters, but at least the updates aren't slow.


I like novel but the Title tilts me to no end... why add the 's' at the end of overlord unless you want to not take Ainz spot but rule beside him or for him..


*me seeing the new cover*


Reveal spoiler


the chapter title reaaaaallly threw me off!!! i started searching for ch 1 but got ch85 so i thought it was a mismatch so i didnt read at first. but i got bored and tried to read it by searching for ch 1 but found prologue which left me in the middle of nowhere. then i reach from ch85 which was the real ch 1 and my face at that moment was this😒 like bruh!! why the hell would anyone do that???!! then as i continued reading i realized that the author was a complete jackass. the story was nice though i loved it and want more but seriously stop trolling the readers. Also what happened to the initial 5 wishes?? is it gonna be revealed later or did he jus ask for money?? why didnt he just ask for unlimited money then he would have no problem. It is nice that his abilities fit the world but asking for those wishes only served as a nerfing.the chapters are too short and i hope you can update faster :)


I feel like the authors a troll but also not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ good story btw keep up the good work <3... or not, your just going to do whatever you want probably.


So far it's a perty good story I guess. It's going a little too slow for my liking or maybe I'm just being impatient. And his wishes are ASS and be prepared the author is a troll like max level troll


Since i am a good person, i give 5!


This is very excellent if you want to know why read my previous review but this review is too give you some inspiration and ideas author ------------------- Hey author maybe when the overlord is finished you can go to SAO and fix things ( you know what im talking about) and be OP, you can make your character a troll because hes the only intelligent monster and maybe pretend your the last boss MAYBE YOU CAN EVEN CREATE A NEW DUNGEON, when you finish SAO you can go to other VRMMO anime or Manga --- ( why do i feel like i shouldnt give you this idea and just create it myself.....JK, im to lazy to do all that besides im a reader


The only complaint I have is that because the author is not a native English speaker his grammar is very bad making it hard to read. If the author could find someone to proof read then that would make this fan-fiction practically perfect. First time reading an overlord fan-fiction so I have nothing to compare it to but compared to the other FF's I have read this is pretty top tier. Bonus points for not giving the MC op cheats from the start or some incredible luck.


There's not that many Overlord fanfiction and this seems really good, so 5 stars.. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . .


Alrighty this is my first time writing a review so please take as a grain of salt. Pros - absolutely amazing writing - obviously handsome author - non cringey comedy - smart mc? - can easily hook you into the story - Incredible chapter names Grey area - Author is a tad bit narcissistic - Ruthless cliffhangers - filler chapters Cons - the authors horrible trick chapters! - inconsistent chapter updates This is my current review please tell me if there is anything I missed. also I hope anyone who is reading this has a excellent day!


I did not come here to read the novel I came to see the so-called Handsome Author let me tell you if you get bored and start to think that the fanfic is shit just go and look at the author profile pic and you will come right back and continue to read.


i don't usually write review..but this fanfic is simply too good ..t gives the vibe of overload,,solo leaveling..and well first i thought it was trash because of the 1 and 2 wish but later i realise ..lets talk about2 wish of having a lot of money//well i think this is very smart choice because that game is pay the win and ,,,well if he told god to make him vampire or other bing ..well that wish is wasted so i think he asked money well because with money he can get item and other op lot of things..so by having a lot of money means he can get whatever he wish in game like items etc ..well this is the reson for giving 5 star ..hope author will write more epc chapter


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