1 My teammate is Durant

Austin, Texas

Lin Ying leaned against the wall and looked out the window before sitting on the bed in the dormitory to rest.

He is now at the University of Texas at Austin.

Austin, also known as the University of Texas, is the most well-known school in the University of Texas system and one of the first eight universities in the most prestigious "Public Ivy League" in the United States.

The reason why he can appear here is not because of his academic performance, but because he is 2.01 meters tall and has a wingspan of 2.20 meters. He is a member of the headmaster's Horn Niu basketball team.

The number one sport in the United States is rugby, and on-campus rugby is the most popular among the people.

But in Texas, the influence of basketball is not lost on football.

Because Texas has the "three strong" (Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs)

These three teams together have multiple championships in hand, and they are all year round in the NBA playoffs and are even championship-level strength teams.

Austin, as the capital of Texas, does not have an NBA team, but the basketball atmosphere is equally strong.

The reason is the Longhorns.

As the only NCAA first-level league team in Texas, its popularity in the local area is very high.

"Shadow, I knew you were here. Hurry up, I'll show you something."

Just then, the door of the dormitory was pushed open.

Lin Ying turned her head back when she heard the sound.

He has a handsome face and a migrant worker temperament.

It was his roommate who came in, or more accurately, his high school teammate, Kevin Durant.

The two of them worked as teammates at Christian College for a year and then joined the University of Texas together.

Today is their first day at the University of Texas.


Lin Ying looked puzzled.

Because he found Durant, he turned around and locked the door after he finished speaking!

In the U.S., university dormitories are basically contracted to outside companies for commercial operations. Except for a small number of schools that have bunk beds, most of them are dormitories with two people, two beds, and two sets of tables and chairs, similar to express hotels.

The University of Texas is also in this configuration.

After Durant locked the door, he walked over to Lin Ying and sat down, then turned on the phone and placed it in front of the two of them.

That is a website. After clicking it, there is some content that makes people secrete adrenaline quickly.

Durant adjusted the volume of the phone and clicked on one of them.

"This is what I found today. The plot is great!"

Durant leaned in and said, "In a low voice."

On the screen of the mobile phone, a flight attendant in professional attire is dragging a suitcase and walking down a road with twists and turns.

Lin Ying was speechless for a while.

In this broad daylight, Durant came in with a mysterious face, so why not just show him this thing?

Kevin, watch this kind of stuff less.

Lin Ying stared at the phone screen and said

"I know, but this one is really great. Look at this figure."

Durant stretched out his hand and rubbed his nose while speaking, then swallowed.

"Stop looking."


"I really don't look at it."

"Well, it's big."


After half an hour, both of them were flushed and short of breath.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Durant was so scared that the phone in his hand almost fell to the ground.

He quickly hid the phone in Lin Ying's quilt, moved his crotch, took a deep breath, and got up to open the door.

Kevin, Coach Springman, will teach you a trip.

It was their teammate who knocked on the door, who was also a freshman guard, DJ Augustine.

The two chatted a few words before Durant turned around and greeted Lin Ying, then closed the door and left.


After half an hour, Durant returned to the dormitory and found that the door was locked.

He knocked on the door for a while, and Lin Ying opened the door flushed.

"Why did you lock the door again?"

Durant looked puzzled.

"I just slept for a while."

Lin Ying explained casually, and handed the phone to Durant.

"Don't look at it later."

When Durant came in and closed the door, he warned again.

Duran nodded, only to realize that he hadn't taken his mobile phone with him.

And this phone? How does it feel... a bit wet?

"How is my phone..."

"What did Coach Springman say?"

Lin Ying asked first.

Oh, I almost forgot! He said, "Let us prepare. The first training session will be against the seniors."

Durant put the phone back in his pocket and slapped his head.

Lin Ying nodded after listening, and it seemed that the coaching staff was going to give them a fresh start.

This is the arrangement of Coach Barnes. Rose gave me the air in advance. "

Durant continued.

The NCAA and NBA have a complete coaching staff.

Like the Longhorns, the head coach is Rick Barnes, the assistant coach is Rose Springman, and in addition to the individual coach, McGee Wright.

Durant was already the third high school student in the United States before he came to the University of Texas. It took Springman more than two years to recruit him.

So, in terms of relationships, Springman and Durant are very close.

"We must win this game!"

Durant said to himself, speaking firmly.

Although the University of Texas is not as loud as Duke and North Carolina, there are many NBA players in history.

The most recent are the Texas Trident who graduated last year: Daniel Gibson, PJ Tucker, and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Last year, they led the team to the NCAA Elite Eight, and all three of them entered the NBA.

But this is where Durant's confidence lies.

Although they are all rookies, the three core members of the team have now left the team, and the chance of winning is very high.

Especially since he and Lin Ying were teammates in their senior year of high school, they have a great understanding.

Lin Ying nodded. This is an excellent opportunity for them to show their abilities and gain the trust of the coach.

But he didn't continue to say anything.

His character is very withdrawn, and he is more relaxed when he is with Durant.

There is no class this afternoon; they just changed their equipment to go to the arena.

At this time, Lin Ying noticed that Durant had taken out the pair of 70s basketball socks again.

When he was in high school, he noticed that Durant would wear these socks almost every game. He didn't expect to wear these socks in college, and finally couldn't help being curious:

"Why do you always wear this?"

However, he did not expect that he asked, and he directly silenced Durant's question.

Duran is extremely outgoing, and this silence is obviously a bit abnormal.

"This is the only gift Coach Craig gave me."

Durant's continued speech was a bit heavy.

Lin Ying stared at Durant for a while after hearing it. Her eyes were also sad.

Charles Craig, an amateur basketball coach whose identity is unknown and who has died unexpectedly,

For others, this is a small character that will not be noticed in the past, present, or future.

But for Durant, Craig is the most important person in his life.

Because he taught Durant the most basic basketball knowledge, he led Durant down the basketball road.

Even though Durant's father abandoned him and his mother when he was young, Craig can be regarded as his second father.

And this is also the reason why Lin Ying and Durant can become friends.

A year ago, everything had to be talked about.

Because of their excellent physical talents, Lin Ying and Durant are both members of the National Christian College High School Team.

But Lin Ying's character was withdrawn, and the two had no intersection at all.

Until one team dinner, Lin Ying was late because of something.

He rushed to the agreed place. He thought everyone had already left, but he didn't expect that everyone was still waiting for him.

Afterwards, he realized that it was Durant who insisted on waiting until he arrived.

Is Durant's preference for Lin Ying?

No, not at all.

The real reason is that Durant is a person with a very strong team view.

In this kind of team activity, he doesn't want to leave anyone behind.

People with lonely personalities like to isolate themselves; they rarely, or even don't, communicate with others, and others rarely pay attention to or care about them.

But if someone gives such a person a little love, then it may be the whole world to him.

After that incident, Lin Ying had a very good impression of Durant.

Then, it was the biggest blow Durant High School suffered.

Craig, his enlightenment coach and godfather, was accidentally killed while persuading others to argue.

In addition, his performance on the court during that period was also terrible.

Under the double blow, his mood became extremely depressed, and he was even prepared to give up basketball at one point.

In his words at the time, he would think of Craig as soon as he picked up a basketball, and he would think of the fact that Craig was no longer there, and his heart was like a knife, and his grief was unbearable.

No one dared talk to Durant during that time.

But Lin Ying took the initiative to find Durant, who he considered his only friend.

Basketball is your only connection with Coach Craig. If you choose to give up, he and you will never meet again, and you will even forget him in the future. "

This sentence directly broke the defense.

Durant has never said he will give up since, and he is determined to become the best basketball player in the world.

Because he knows that Coach Greg is watching him from the sky, the higher he stands, the clearer Craig will see.

"Let's start."

Lin Ying also put on the equipment, got up, walked over, patted Durant on the shoulder, and said


The stadium is about 13 meters high. In addition to the two ball frames on the front and back courts, there are several baskets hanging on the wall on one side, and some equipment for recovery from injuries on the other side.

Compared with Christian College, the University of Texas training hall appears to be much taller and spacious, with more complete facilities.

It's just a bit short of something.

To be precise, it should be a bit of an honor.

The general NCAA training hall will hang some honors in the history of the school on the wall.

Like at Duke, North Carolina, and even the University of Connecticut, the walls are full of various honors, such as division championships, championships, MOPs, etc., and a full wall looks very compelling.

But the walls of the University of Texas looked somewhat clean.

The University of Texas has produced many NBA players, but only one is truly famous, and he also has the only retired jersey on the hall of fame wall.

No. 11, TJ Ford.

Ford's achievements in the NBA in history are not high. Most fans still think of him as Iverson's phrase, "He may be the only man in the league who is faster than me."

But he is a legend in the NCAA, especially at the University of Texas.

When entering the University of Texas, Ford was detected as having "congenital spinal stenosis", which is a disease similar to Chris Bosh's thrombosis. Once subjected to a huge external force, it may be paralyzed or even die.

This disease cannot participate in violent confrontation sports, but it has not stopped Ford's heart from playing.

He still played for the University of Texas, and in his freshman year he averaged 8.7 assists per game, which was ranked No. 1 in NCAA Division I at the time.

In his second year, he averaged 7.7 assists per game, second in the country, but he also became the team's leading scorer and steals.

These are not the most important ones. The most important thing is that he led the University of Texas into the "Crazy Three" and the final semi-finals again after 56 years!

At 1.8 meters tall, he possesses the passing vision of "Magic" Johnson and the same court judgment ability as "Larry Bird". Even with that kind of injury, he was still in the 2003 Platinum Draft. The 8th overall pick was selected.

These are legends in the NCAA.

Before Barnes came, Springman was teaching them these new students.

Springman is only in his early thirties and is exceptionally young.

Maybe because of his youth, he and the freshmen are easy to get along with each other.

Springman said almost, and Barnes came too.

Barnes is 51 years old this year, and he is in his prime as a coach.

But a lot of a person's personality is related to their appearance, and that stern face shows that they are not good talkers.

"Rose, call someone over."

As expected, the first sentence he came in and said was cold.

When everyone was gathered together, Springman asked the players to introduce themselves.

The freshman named Durant, the 1.83 point guard, is DJ Augustine.

Damai James, a forward of 2.03 meters, is also a freshman who came in with them.

Dexter Pittman is also a freshman, but he is a heavyweight player, standing 2.08 meters at center, weighing 388 pounds (176 kg), heavier than O'Neal's peak weight.

Randy Williams, a 1.90-meter point guard and a junior, speaks with a gentle tone, and he seems to have a good temper.

AJ Abrams: A 1.91-meter shooting guard in his sophomore year, Abrams appears simple and cute.

Chris Wendell: Junior senior, 2.08 meters center, has the same serious demeanor as Barnes.


The NCAA does not have a mandatory quota like the NBA, but generally there are about 10-15 people.

In addition to the selected Trident, the team also had four people last year who graduated or transferred to another school, leaving only seven people on the big roster.

So this time, the team recruited seven newcomers in one go.

It's just right, half and half.

After the players introduced themselves, they announced today's training content.

Some basic training, including back-and-forth running, shooting, and finally a full-court confrontation between old players and freshmen,

This is what Springman and Durant said before, and Lin Ying also knew about it.

But there are some that they don't know.

"After the whole match is over, I will choose someone from the winning team to be the captain."

Barnes' words caused a commotion among the players.

The word "captain" is a key figure in any sport.

Especially in team sports, it is either the team with the strongest strength or the one with the highest mental attributes.

In short, this thing has no real power, but it can build a lot of prestige for itself within the team.

Lin Ying didn't think much about this. His character is destined to be unsuitable for this kind of role.

But Durant is eager to try.

Since being persuaded by Lin Ying at that time, his goal has been to become the number one basketball player.

To do that, the first thing he needs to do is lead a team to success.

The captain's words can bring him one step closer to this goal.

Of course, he is not the only one who has this idea. The freshman, DJ Augustine, was also a star player in the area during high school; Randy Williams, the junior, also wanted to have a chance to lead the team.

In short, the emergence of this position will make the next match full of competition.

The basic training soon ended, and the next thing was a full-court confrontation. Barnes looked in Durant's direction.

"He has improved a lot from two years ago."

Springman replied.

Although they didn't directly call the names, they were obviously talking about Durant.

As the third high school student in the United States, Durant should theoretically go to a giant team like Duke, North Carolina, or Kentucky.

The fact is true: North Carolina was very close to getting Durant.

But Durant is very affectionate. Springman established a very good relationship with him and his family two years ago.

So when he finally chose a school, Durant chose the latter between North Carolina and the University of Texas.

So this match seems to give the freshmen a good start, but in fact, more of the coaching staff wants to see Durant's progress in the past two years.

After all, the new season determines the team's upper limit. It won't be a group of veterans who can't make it into the NBA, nor will it be other mediocre rookies. That person can only be Durant.

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