147 Professor Zhen, Who Was Mentally Deranged (2)

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The middle-aged man with the hat didn't have time to turn his head back and directly bumped into Chen Yu.

"Ah..." Chen Yu came back to his senses and quickly moved aside. "Sorry, sorry..."

The middle-aged man looked at Chen Yu up and down, snorted coldly, and left quickly.

Standing on the spot, Chen Yu didn't know what to do.

He didn't know if he should go in...

This 'Professor Zhen' was too horny...

He started to panic.

"Who? Who's outside?" Not long after, an old man wearing a trashy outfit walked out with his pants. "Who are you? Are you looking for me?"

"Oh... No, I'm just passing by, passing by..."

Chen Yu felt that this was not a good opportunity to meet, so he left decisively.

However, before he could turn around, he was pulled back by the old man's claw, "Eh, isn't this my Inch Collapsing Fist?"

"Ah... Yes."

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