83 Official Competition (4)

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Morning, 8:00 am.

All the examinees finished their breakfast and were led by the head examiner to the hall on the first floor to prepare for today's official competition.

The examinees' families were all asked to leave and the sixth floor dormitory and the second floor cafeteria were sealed off.

"Everyone should be here."

The bald Chief Examiner walked to the front door and stopped before turning around, he glanced at the examinees. "There's still half an hour before the official competition begins. There are 20 seeded contestants and 12 advanced contestants in the group arena. There are a total of 32 people competing on the same stage. Among them, there are 16 people in the odd-numbered group and 16 people in the even-numbered group. If they win five matches in a row, they will be able to win the Champion Crown."


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