103 How Honored Are You?

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After entering the house.

The filming team began to move. They set up their camera positions and turned on the lights.

The host tidied up his clothes, with a formulaic smile, he said, "After a simple exchange with Chen Yu's family, we came to Chen Yu's home. We can see that the conditions of the Chen family were very ordinary, or even a little bad. But this also indirectly proves that Chen Yu did not have it easy. He needed to put in several times more effort and hard work than ordinary people in order to achieve what he has today..."


Before he could finish, Chen Yu walked out of the bedroom with a cigarette in his mouth.


Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Chen Yu blew out smoke rings and raised his eyebrows. "Did you guys do that?"

The host: "..."

The cameraman:"..."

"Chen... Chen Yu!" Mother Chen was surprised. "When did you learn to smoke?"

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