141 A Beautiful Blessing

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"This is f**king ridiculous!"

"This is the most ridiculous thing in the world!"

"So what if our Tsinghua bus fare is discounted? How can they forget about us?!"

In the ruins of the bandit village, the embarrassed Tsinghua bus admissions supervisor cursed, "F*ck! Refund the money!"

"Yes, yes, yes." The bearded man nodded repeatedly. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. This is another serious mistake of ours. When I saw Student Chen Yu leading the passengers out, I thought it was just these people..."

"Chen Yu is from Beijing University! There are f*cking good people at Beijing University?! Just think about it with your prostate and you'll know that they want us dead!"

"You're being too serious, my friend." The person in charge of Beijing University interrupted and pointed at Chen Yu. "Chen Yu is still a child. What bad intentions can a child have?"

"Heh." Chen Yu smiled cooperatively, revealing eight teeth.

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