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You remembered the event as if it was yesterday. Your boyfriend and most trusted friend, a friend whom you told your darkest secrets, abandoned you. You couldn't remember what you did to make him do that, but his reason was what made your lungs constrict.

"I can't keep up with you. We're different leagues."

It wasn't like you were trying to make him keep up with you. You encouraged him. Cheered him on. Gave him advice. You might have shouted at him in frustration but you've apologized after. You didn't want others to leave because of your genius skills. You weren't a genius. You were a human. You worked hard. You weren't a god.

You could care less of what others called you but you didn't want the people you've come to care about to leave. Your siblings left because of their envy of your genius assassinations. You didn't want that to happen again, so you've encouraged others while trying to remind them that you weren't supernatural nor otherworldly. You were just as human as they are.

After that, you went to your apartment with your former lovers' stuff gone. It was cold and hollow. Your friends gave you words of comfort through text but you were busy trying to swallow the pain and self-destructing thoughts that plagued you. It didn't matter if you two were different leagues. You love him not because of his skills but for him. His personality. His everything.

You were hollow and numb. So numb that you didn't see the flash of the glass of a sniper scope. Only did you notice was when you were shot. You didn't even bother to struggle to breathe. You didn't panic. You weren't scared. Rather, you accepted death as if it's an old friend. Embracing it with welcoming arms and hugging it as if it's the last thing on Earth.

Dark was all you could see. Black. Void of anything. Fatigue. Exhaustion. And when you opened your eyes. . .

You were in a new room.

Your bed was in the corner and beside it was a paper with Japanese kanji, walls a light grey, when you sat up you noticed that your bed's blanket was dark blue with a white comforter. At the foot were some thick books, a dumbbell in the middle. You do not recognize this room.

You felt like you know this room yet did not. It was your room yet not. Then like a river, memories flooded into your head; memories of your first lesson of volleyball with your grandpa, your older sister Miwa playing with you, your first two friends in Middle school, your two senpais whom you looked up to, then to the would've been slap, to the nickname 'King of the Court', to your teammates which includes your two friends abandoning you.

You then remembered your name. Your new name. Kageyama Tobio.

If memory serves you correctly, today is the day after the abandonment of your teammates. You could feel the remaining sadness, pain, and betrayal from Kageyama but you assured him that you'll help him through this. His soulmates, all four of them, rejected him. One hated him, the senpai he looked up to. The other one chose to go with the other. The other two were his first school friends, friends who turned their backs on him.

'What did I do wrong?' Kageyamas' consciousness asked.

'You didn't do them intentionally,' You started, looking through his memories. 'But you became demanding. Shouting at them. You became too forceful. As for the upperclassmen, I think the one whom you admired the most was jealous of you while the other, his best friend, just chose the safer option.'

Your current bodys' consciousness stayed quiet, making you continue. ' You're not alone in this. I'll always be here for you.'

' . . .Will you help me be happy like in your old life?'

When you closed the eyes of your body, you saw in the darkness a tall boy with dark hair with blue highlights, bangs styled in an M shape, sharp sapphire blue eyes, an attractive face, and an athletic body. He looks at you with desperate plead, walking towards him you took his face into your hands and smiled gently at him.


In your new body of the volleyball player named Kageyama Tobio, you went to the supermarket to buy milk, since it's your current life craving. I mean, you liked the different flavors but this boy consumes it at least often. Going to the aisle that has milk, you took a few cartons into your basket and headed to the register.

As you wait for the cashier to be done scanning, you heard voices. Familiar voices.

"Hey Akira, don't get all of that!"

"I get whatever I want, Yuutarou."

Chest restricted with a lump in your throat, there was no doubt that they were two of your soulmates. Kageyama felt like time has frozen and the noise quieted to silence, he felt like shaking but as your consciousness took a hold of his hand and took control of the body, you assured him. It will be okay.

Like the water that was disturbed by rocks, your body stilled and relaxed to the soft coldness of your indifference as you paid for the milk and left the store. You ignored the burning stares that seemed to dig into your head. Walking home seemed to be an easy thing to do. So simple and easy. If it wasn't for a voice that sounded like poison covered in honey.

"Yahoo Tobio-chan!"

Kageyama quivered for a moment but you took the rein, hushing the boys' consciousness into the back of your mind and took control. Trying to retain the boy's personality while adding some traits from your own. From what you knew and learned, Japanese people would use the persons' last name for respect. Oikawa-san is using your first name even though neither you nor Kageyama ever had a close relationship with him.

Letting some indifference and politeness in, you turned to see an attractive brunette with mocha eyes, a tall and built stature, and an overly sweet with obvious bitterness wave at you. Beside him was the senpai who was always kind to you before Kageyama had seen your memories, Iwaizumi-san, his spiky dark hair, buff stature, and sharp olive-green eyes that seemed to show some fondness in them.

"Oikawa-san. Iwaizumi-san." You gave curt nods to both of them.

Oikawa-san soon walked towards you with Iwaizumi-san following. "Well, isn't it a coincidence that the King is in the same store as we are?" Kageyama felt like crying but you froze any tears before they could fall, cool indifference smoothening any ruffles on the fabric. Schooling your face, you calmly replied. "I was just buying some milk since I was running out."

Iwaizumi-san furrowed his brows. "Don't you mean we? What about your family?"

"My parents died in my first year and my sister is studying in Tokyo for university. So I'm alone at home." Shifting the hold on the bags, you made a point to look at the brunette directly in the eye. "And Oikawa-san, may I ask of you to call me by my last name since we don't have a deep relationship."

And with that, you turned on your heel and left them standing there and towards your house. You don't really care if they're staring, all you care about is giving this boy a life he could be happy with.

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