1 Hardwork pays off!

You were a young high school girl who had just completed her studies. Your life was gojng normally and you were kinda happy. The only thing that made you sad was that you may not be able to meet your idols aka BTS. You always fantasize about your bias cause that was the only way you could be wuth them. Everytime they do a Vlive you open the app and wrote something sweet but you didn't press the post button as you always that your comments will be ignored. You just see your phone screen and smile at their happy faces. You heard your phone as a notification pop up yiu unlocked it and saw that Jungkook was doing a Vlive you opened the app and started staring at the screen. Then your mom shouted at your door amd asked you to come down as you received a parcel. You went down hurriedly and looked at the parcel, you thought to yourself that whether you ordered something or what?! Your mom asked you about the parcel yiu shook your head and said

"I dunno"

Your mom nodded and asked you to open that parcel.

You opened amd there were BTS merch inside that box you couldn't believe that you actually received BTS merch. You saw a pamphlet where you won the contest conducted by WEBNOVEL in which you participated last month. Well that wasn't the end you also received something that shocked you even more.