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Thinking About You | | bxb mpreg


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Every night Alpha Dorris waits for his boyfriend Alpha Elias to come home he manly arrives around 3am to 6am he starts to feel anxious and suspicious on why Elias keeps on leaving at night. His mind swirls all over the place into the unknown the confusion, distressed, and anger fills him up he starts to stalk him He can't help but think about his Alpha when he leaves Elias stays on his mind every night and day he doesn't want to be some insane and text him 2000 times a day. However he can't help himself He wished Elias would tell him where he went but the same answer is Just friends Pathetic excuses over and over again replaying in Dorris head like an echo. Dorris had enough with his boyfriends lies he meets up with his friends Nia and Aliyah to try their best to see what Elias is up to They know that he's up to no good Together they try many different ways to see what Elias is up to going through his phone, talking with his friends, and following Elias as he leaves at night daily. At the the very end Dorris knew he shouldn't had trusted his boyfriend


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