Thief in the Moonlight Book

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Thief in the Moonlight


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The most elegant Phantom Thief is out to strike again! What will our protagonist steal something this time? A priceless jewel? An artefact? Or someone's heart? Welcome to the world of Rebecca. Rebs for short. A self-proclaimed world-class Phantom Thief. Her methods always get the job done. Living for the sake of excitement, she steals these jewels and sells them off. But for why you ask? It's a secret. Snippet: The elegant figure jumped off the high-rise building, exposing herself for everyone to see. It was as if time stopped, Lily was feeling high on adrenaline. This was why she couldn’t get enough of this. "It's the Lily herself! Catch her!" Multiple cars lined up at the foot of the building, ready to start the chase. "For as long as I live, you'll never catch me!" She smirked and from her cape, came out a parachute, gracefully gliding across the sky. -- Update time: Once a month! (not too sure about the day though)