1 Admit It!

"Rich boy is boring, you know!"

A haphazard looking girl said while blowing on the rolled noodles at the tip of her chopsticks. Another stylish girl who was about to land at the mall put on a bored look while supporting her chin.

"Hey! Admit it. Yes, right?" added the Gratuity one while asking for the approval of her other friend. Compelled her to agree.

Her friend just laughed while sipping Icetea, "Not all of them, tho."

Those Gratuitous snort, "Bet me, one in million."

Her friend, the stylish one, gave a sarcastic glance, "One in million is suitable for sentences about a soulmate, not to dissing over someone!"

"Namira has broken hearts with a Rich Boy once." said her friend winking her eyes.

"Yeah, no wonder lah! Have you seen her? Her shape is not up to the standard! Even our standards don't reach by her, moreover they are! Honestly, you were wasting your future opportunities, Mir!"

Namira-the Haphazard girl, glared briefly then looked at her friend who was talking, "Well, yours Prince, David Sumanagara in fact, is really boring, you know! Sarah just admit it, Julaeha!"

Julaeha, her stylish girl, is glaring furiously while throwing a used chopstick towards Namira. Goal! Enter the bowl of Namira which still contains two round meatballs like pingpong balls! Her name is actually Juliette. But, Namira always likes to change people's names. Sometimes Namira also calls him Juju, which Juliette prefers to like. Although it not be written pretty, the most important thing, Juju sounds more cute than Julaeha!

"Gahh, this Juju! Look at her, dear Kirana! Said I am not up to the standards of an elegant girl but her mouth is below standard! Don't have personality."

Juliette snorted in annoyance while Kirana laughed at the behavior of her two best friends. Until finally Juliette protested,

"Why you never changed Kirana's name ?!" protested Juliette.

Namira shook while moving the bowl away. Although she said to be had a substandard attitude, who would be willing to eat food that had fallen from someone else's used cutlery?

"The name Kirana is already good. I like it. That's how noisy you are, Julaeha! "

Juliette growled in exasperation but her eyes suddenly caught another figure of a Prince who was no less popular than David.

Namira frowned, momentarily surprised to see Juliette losing the desire to fight with her. So, after two seconds of eye contact with Kirana, they threw their eyes behind each other's shoulders. Not long Namira poked and turned back while Kirana wasted more time watching the Prince. Until his figure disappeared behind the building. When she faced the front again, Kirana reviewed the small smile and immediately spoke to Juliette.

"Awesome handsome, huh?"

Juliette smiled broadly, "Yes. Gosh, unfortunately I can't act. So I can't be play a tricky plot to those Awesome-Handsome Young Director!"

Kirana chuckled, "Untouchable. Isn't that right?"

Juliette nodded while making a miserable look. Shortly he squinted sharply at Namira. The one who received a surprised look stiffened her back,

"What is that look about?"

"if only you would go with David first, who knows we can enter their circle!"

Namira chuckled, "That's more, again. Boring!"

Kirana took a sip, "How come you can just relax and accompany Sarah?"

Namira frowned not understanding.

"Yes, you know whose child she is, whose sister she is, how her social environment. Do you not like insecure all of a sudden? No offense, I'm just curious. I also see that Sarah is sincerely just a friend to you who is different from her caste."

"Look at you, Ran."

Kirana laughed, "Lha? It's my turn to be honest, to say the fact is said to be a hint?

Namira laughed too. He was not angry nor misunderstood Kirana's intentions.

"Isn't there, not even one, of a Prince Charming you want to be close? Every them is actually the son of the Business Sultan, tho. Sarah's circle is so prominent."

Namira shook her head, "I was curious about David's school friend once. Mustav. But that's all. Hardly to continue. "

"Hardly to continue? Not because you aren't sure to compete with all socialites girls ke knows?"

Namira chuckled, quite a long time. Juliette looked at her, demanding an answer,

"You can ask for my help for make over and the like. Follow the prince's standards. "

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Namira smiled ugly,"That's not it, you know! "

"So what?" Kirana asked curiously.

Namira scratched her hair, pulled the hair band off, smoothed and tyed her hair, then answered,

"I can't stand it. It's boring people!"

"How boring is it? You really say that often. Gradually I was curious too! Explain! " Juliette grumbled.

Namira laughed before continuing, "Yes, you know that they have standards for everything?"

Kirana and Juliette nodded.

"You also know that I'm quite deep? Caring about the inner soul!! "

Juliette put on a flat face but still nodded in agreement with Namira.

"Well! From my experience with some of them, yes, they are according to standards. Alwayyss! Like, they can not live apart from what should be their attitude according to their standards."

"How, how?"

"You know, like, they are being quite gentle and polite to me, that because all of such acts is already their common habit, my dearest!"

Kirana tilted her head, Namira continued.

"Mustav always opened the door for me, kept the door not to be closing before I come out. Pull the chair out when eat at the restaurant, lend his jacket. Do you think those are romantic? Wrooongg! Korean Drama you eat! The fact, that's because thats all really their habits. We are commoners want to believe that those kind of thing is a form of love! Do you know? Its our subconscience tricks us. Because of our grandpa, our uncles nor our father don't treat us like that, so, when wee see something like that, we recognized its as the love expressions. Even though it's just their standard of behavior. Heck!"

Juliette looked at her sharply. Namira knew what he meant, Juliette wanted to hear more.

"And then, due their standarization, you can guess what their topics of talk. At a minimum, from experience, when you asked what books and movies they like. Already almost certainly the answer is almost the same. The books of Machiavelli or Sun Tzu is always carried. When discussing the film, it must be Kubrick, Aronofsky or Coppola and Scorserse! All their book is must be critically acclaimed! Seriously. David, the one who's not boring the most, is still boring for me. These people do, like they don't have any opinions other than what is standard between them. Turn to the aren't boring one, mostly they are kind of the spoiler brats or hedonistic person. That's all, Juju."

Kirana smiled with sparkling eyes, "Interesting. Its could become your Thesis core later."

Namira did not care, she sipped her avocado juice which started not cold. The taste that did not meet her expectations made Namira pause her activities.

"Is Prince Mahameru Indar Jamal also like that?" Juliette muttered, mentioning the name of the person who had caught their attention before.

Namira chuckled, "As Kirana the Wisdom said, we can't generalized every single things, why you are not just try a testing over him, Ju. As I've generalized them as kids without identity."

The sound of chairs sliding on their right side steals the attention. There, three desks from them, a man their age stood up and tidied up his tablet. He wears a loose green hoodie and hat. Namira also Kirana didn't recognize him so immediately ignored him. However, not Juliette. Curly red hair that covered her nape made her go awry a little. Juliette understood that Namira didn't know him, but Kirana should have known because only one person had genetically red hair attend their campus. He is another campus prince, Rifky Samsoe, who is also a travel vlogger with fantastic followers from five continents. His father is the owner of a local branch of the world news channel as well as a former teen idol model, while his mother who is incredibly beautiful mixraces beyond measure. They are a famous family but successfully keep the rumors of their private lives away from the public tune. Heard also the Rifky family was part of a respectable wealthy family of 10 generations. The man casually stepped out and Juju prayed that he would not hear Namira's babble. The thing is, after David Sumanagara who is too far away because he has never stepped to earth, Rifky Samsoe is a good catch. Moreover, he is an only child. Juliette scolded Namira with that fact when she realized that Namira was speaking like a bass tune speaker.

Namira snorted, "You know, you're the best. Always notice the Big Fish!"

Juliette waved her hair, "Yes, thank you. As for the prospect of an open future, that is it! "

"Social climber wanna be, heh!" cynically Namira.

Kirana laughed and said, "How stupid, Ju. What's wrong with trying our luck, Mira?"

Juliette nodded, "You've been quite a prosperous child since you never felt it that hard!"

Namira snickered while sipping out her Avocado Juice.

"The important thing is not to use magic mantra or criminal tactics, Mir. Do you really want to live without thinking about money? " Kirana added.

Namira waved, "Yeah, off course. How come people don't want to? But you don't have to put your ideal list into it too! A lucky fortune is a bonus. Don't pursuit it, just do your best and hope God good enough to reward it to you!"

Kirana and Juliette chuckled happily to find Namira emotional. They both deliberately teased because they knew Namira hated girls pursuing materials. Understandably, his father was caught in one of them when his mother was attacked by terminal illness. Now Namira lives with her grandfather who is still alive. He is father of her father.

"I know, everything can't be leveled, but, I've never met a Social Climber who has a lifetime of dignity."

Juliette chuckled, "Well, how could there be a dignity?"

Namira frowned, "I'd say SoClimb. Not just about damned usurpers, Julaeha!"

Kirana who was now chuckling, "What's the difference?"

"Ish, how illiterate you two! Social Climber means narrow, but many tricks to be! From a rich mother's store, to a cunning subordinate conqueroring the boss's company. Being an husband or wife usurpers is only one way to do social climbing!"

Juliette and Kirana nodded. Admittedly, Namira was indeed out of nowhere but there was a lot of truth to it.

"So, if you all intend to do so, I can only order that at least be a civilized Social Climber." said Namira.

Kirana and Juliette's laughter exploded. Basically, with Namira, there is always cynicism that tickles from her. They mean not long to move to attend each other's class. Namira looked around for a while because she felt a little uncomfortable. The nape of his neck shook, as if he were being observed. But she did not find anyone around the canteen benches under this deserted Ketapang tree, so she hurried after her two besties whose had walked down to the corridor.

Namira did not realize, if only she looked up, she would find two pairs of eyes watching him. Both of them put on a tingly smile while throwing words at each other.

"No wonder, Mustav is broken hearted."

"Mmh ... I'm getting curious."

Both chuckled and looked at each other briefly before returning to observe the figure of Namira. One of them - the red haired boy wearing a green hoodie, talked to his friend,

"I suppose, how boring am I to her?"