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There is a feeling called love


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“Hit me, I’ll be fine. Hurt me, I’ll be okay. But trap me for life,- I ensure you hell.” Krystal Wu is a 19 years old student. Having to take on the burden of being the breadwinner of her family at such a young age she had no choice but to sign a contract with the ruthless man one can ever know. While she was bound to continue the give and take , she was exposed to his secrets one by one and that leads to the biggest nightmare of her life. And what was left in her life was nothing other than R-E-V-E-N-G-E. But the peak of her revenge was none other than the contracted man “ Lu Zhengyun”. Will she succeed or things will go opposite?? I have rewritten the whole story after deleting the childish story I wrote long back. Hope you will like it. Don’t get confused with the number of viewers...


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