1 The Visit-Chapter One

(just to prewarn you, this isn't going fully off the main story line, although it will be very very similar in this chapter, after this it may completely go off its course onto a new storyline all together.)

The blonde had a long day, she never thought she'd be chasing a cheating scum on her birthday. Being a bail bonds person- I mean woman was tiring but it kept her on her toes.

As she walked to her apartment after a successful job, she noticed the different emotion flowing through the air. Something was off but she shook the feeling away, blaming it on the champagne she still tasted on her lips from her... date.

She entered the room, kicking her heals off towards the kitchen "Ugh, how do people even walk in these things" she sighed, now perched over the island in the middle of her kitchen, she placed both hands on her temples, soothing the dull headache that the alcohol at brought on.

She turned to face her kitchen counter realising earlier on that day she purchased a single cup-cake. She rummaged through her kitchen draw, took out a blue candle and slowly but surely sinks it's point down into the cinnamon scented icings core.

Now leaning over her kitchen island again she watches as the candles flame dances to her every breathe. Closing her eyes sharply shut she carries out a wish, a wish she always has asked the world every birthday, to not be alone.

After a few minutes of silence she knew the wish was too good to be true, just like every other year. She was about to crash on the couch when she heard a faint knock on her apartment door. Could the wish have come true? Maybe this year she wouldn't have to be alone...

She gave a grunt at her own thoughts being stupidly rediculous to be real. She swiftly walks over to the door, fixing her dress quickly and taking in a deep breath. Then with enough built up courage, swung the door open and looked out "huh what the?.." she looked towards the floor and flew into the air at what felt like shear panic painfully entering her chest. "Jesus kid you almost gave me a heart attack" the small boy appearing at her door curled his lips into a smile "Are you Emma Swan?" He said changing his face from a smile to an almost anxious look.

The blonde took a few seconds to answer the small boy's question, wondering wether she has infact suffered a heart attack of some sort "uhh... Yeah Kid, who are you?" With a slight hesitation in her voice she grips the door more tightly hanging onto it like her life depended on it.

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"My names Henry, I'm your son"

She quickly yanked him in from the hall slamming the door shut tightly. She massaged her palm into her golden locks trying to come up with a response. "Hey kid, I don't have a son" she tries catching up with him as he searches for a juice carton in all of the cupboards.

"10 years ago... Did you give a baby up for adoption?" He eagerly asks her with fear and sadness written across his face, he lifts the small orange juice carton up to his mouth before consuming the liquid. He took the ladies silence as a yes "Well.." he said shakily "that was me."

Emma gave Henry a look of horror as she grabbed ahold of her chest yet again, gasping for air. "Gimme a long minute" she sprint's towards the bathroom locking herself in. Trying her best to breathe through the panic, she feels faint almost a if she will fall off the face of the earth any second, she sits on the edge of the tub and runs her hands up and down her thighs at a steady pace. "Fuck."

After around 15 minutes of a heart wrenching panic attack, she slowly came out of the bathroom scanning the room for the boy. He was right where she left him.

"Emma! I want you to come home with me, please" The little boy wriggled in his chair at the thought of his birth mom being in his life, in the same town, with him where she belonged.

"Ooookayyy kid, I'm calling the cops" she headed over to the apartments phone, lightly covered in yellow poker dots, she started dialling. "No Emma, please don't there's too many lives at risk" he pleaded and pleaded before she eventually gave in, she grew concerned at his statement but other things gradually replaced the bizzare sentence. She goes to her room but before she does, she orders the little boy to stay put.

Before long she comes back out, changed into light denim skinny jeans, a white tank top and a red leather jacket. "Right kid I'm taking you home" she begins to slip on her brown leather boots and sighs "so where do you live?"

"Storybrooke, Maine" he says looking towards his feet. She rolls her eyes at the crazy town name then leads him to the car, a light yellow Volkswagen beetle, where he jumps into the passenger seat with a story book. He fastens his seat belt and before long, they take off on their long journey.

*A few moments pass by*

"Hey I'm hungry can we stop somewhere?" Henry says boldly looking straight at Emma. She becomes confused looking to the road then him a couple times. "Look kid this isn't a road trip we don't get to stop for snacks I'm taking you home".

"You know I have a name... It's Henry" he looks sharply at her then back to his book. Jesus does he have to be so sassy? "What's that?" She says as if she's interested in his book. "I don't think you're ready yet" his reply hits Emma, he doesn't even know her yet how could he possibly know what she's ready and not ready for?

Emma starts winding the small boy up "pffftt what?! Not ready for some fairytales?!" She says sarcastically and rolls her eyes. He starts speaking with a fiery tone "They are NOT fairytales. Everything that happened in this book ACTUALLY happened" He snapped back, furious at her statement clenching his jaw together tightly. She spat and kept her eyes on the road, making sure she'd drop the boy to his house then quickly making her way home.

The woman was tired, exhausted even. She needed rest or she knew she was going to do something she so happened to regret. A long hour or so went by, realising they passed the Welcome to Storybrooke sign already, she quickly turns to face the boy, still keeping focus on the road.

"So kid where do you live?" She sighed, just wanting this all to end, she felt her whole body slowly giving up on her.

Henry starts to speak, still angry at the woman "Uhh 88- I'm not telling you- street". Fuck this kid is really starting to piss me off. She slammed on the brakes of her car and got out, pushing the car door wayyy too hard.

"If this day couldn't get any worse" she exclaimed planting both feet on the ground. Henry got out to stand next to the blonde. She noticed a slim, but curved warm beige woman walking steadily towards them.

"Henry?! HENRY!! Oh my baby boy where did you go, I've been so worried about you" The brunette woman ran her fingers through what seemed to be her child's hair and then over his face.

"I FOUND MY REAL MOM" Henry shouted before pushing his way passed the tall man in the door way. He tripped a little over the sill of the door but proceeded to run to his room. "Y-your Henry's birth mother?" The brunette was in shock to say the least, her lips slightly parted as tears streamed down her gorgeous red lips.

Emma was speachless, she'd never seen such a beautiful woman in her life. She managed to get only a word out of her speachless body "...Hi"