1 1 . they meet ~

8.30 a.m (alarm clock is screaming its lungs out )

-Jacq pov -

yea here i am the most difficult to awake person . After half hour of fight between alarm and my ears i finally won but you guys know that mom never let child sleep in peace especially on monday (~_~メ)

Mom : "jacq wake up !! its 9:00 a.m in the morning !! WAKE UP !!!!!

jacq : ignore still in her dreamland ~


jacq : " 5 minutes mommy... im comingg !! " i yell from my blanket and then finally get up and move towards bathroom...

- author's pov -

jacq doesn't know how to style , she usually wear jeans with hoddie or with tshirt . she likes comfy outfit's , coats , jeans and etc. Actually she knows how to style but she just dont confident about her own style so she decide to wear anything that she feelin comfy . she dont wear dress or any kind of revealing outfit and makeup , she dont like to wear a makeup because she likes her natural face more.

-end pov -

-jacq pov -

i wear jeans with black hoddie , i let my hair free and didn't tie them , after that i run to the dining table to eat my breakfast and finish it quickly , after that i take my bag , say bye to my parents and leave the house . My University is far as 25 drive but i love to walk so i walk often.

jacq : woah what a. great day and a beautiful weather. ( i enter the university but then i bump into someone )

jacq :. what the heck ? dont you have eyes ?

jack : what ? are you kidding me ? first of all dont you know who i am ? And second its your fault little girl

jacq :. excuse me ?

jack :. yeah , and maybe you're new here am i right ??

jacq : its none of your business little boy (push him and then walk away )

jack :huh interesting (smirk)

-authors pov -

actually even jack is a mafia , he never talk to a girl , he always focus on his job , as a mafia likes to kill people and heartless they never forgive people.. jacq and jack is on the same class btw.

-in class-....

jacq : (i saw empty seat at the back and goes there and i sit , but theres empty seat beside me too)

jack : (when i enter the class all of the girl looks at me with lovely eyes , but my eyes stop when i saw that girl and sit beside her )

jacq : ( there's someone sit beside me , when i look that person my heart stop for a second ) what the heck ?!! why you sit here , go sit another place

jack : how dare you to say like that to me ,and also its my choice where i want to sit tho

jacq : (ugh im just ignore him and focus on the teacher as the teacher already come in )

-time skip -