1 Chapter 1

Time: 11:12 PM

Location: Philippines, Subdivision

At someone's room.

A young man whose age is about 17 had black hair that you can see that he didn't try to brush his hair or he didn't care and had black eyes like a typical Asian lay down on the single bed enough for him.

As he lay down in bed, he watched a video on Youtube without blinking.

On the screen is a video about anime's top 10 fights that you can find on Youtube. After the video finished, he then blinked before releasing a sigh as he muttered something ridiculous.

"How great is it when I get power like in the video."

Then he sighed again because it's unrealistic that a superpower existed but still hoped for something impossible.

I mean who knows that some opportunity will be made him get power like in the novel, manga, and anime.

With that thought, he opened Google to search for something interesting to read but before that, he went to the end of the bed and went outside of his room to get something to drink as he was thirsty.

He went to the kitchen directly which is on the first floor as his room is on the second floor where his parent's and sister's room are.

After arriving at the kitchen, he then head towards the refrigerator and open it then searched before stopping at the Plastic Coca Cola and grabbing it then drink it in one gulp as he burped in satisfaction before throwing it at the plastic trash can that can be found near the refrigerator.

Then returned to his room while turning off the lights to save electricity, and do not know his parents that he awoke at this time.

After returning to his room, he then went to the bed and lay down while continuing to search for something to read.

He clicked the search box and put [Reaper Scans]. After that, a website about Reaper Scans link appeared then he click it with his finger.

As he was about to click the link that will lead him to the Reaper Scan website, he stopped as he looked at the holographic screen before his sight.

Which surprised him as he didn't notice it when his typing in the search box on Google he only noticed it after searching.

The holographic screen content showed which made excited him.

[Do you wish to obtain the power that you yearned for?]

Without hesitation, he nodded then said while holding himself to not scream in happiness in order not to awake his parents and sister.


After that, a notification rang in his head and a holographic screen appeared with new content on it.

[Ding! You became an {Admin} in the Dimensional Group Chat!]

[Ding! You received {Admin Gift Packs} due to being {Admin} of Dimensional Group Chat!]

Looking at the first screen, especially the Dimensional Group Chat, he didn't know what this is as he was about to ask the holographic screen about it.

As if the holographic screen already knows his question about the Dimensional Group Chat, information about the Dimensional Chat Group was inserted into his head which made him hold his head in pain while rolling in the bed as he gritted to hold the pain.

In 5 seconds, the pain resulted having information inserted directly into his head weakened before disappearing.

His breath became heavy as his excited about this Dimensional Group Chat, and his future adventure.

Calming himself didn't work as this is his first time getting involved in this type of life.

He then immediately went to his inventory by saying the command/keyword in his mind.


A 100 slot appeared before his sight and the 1 slot is occupied by a white box with a red ribbon on top it while shining brightly like it's a gift that you received from heaven.

He clicked the gift with anticipation of what he got.

[Do you wish to open the {Admin Gift Packs}?]

He agreed without hesitation.

A system notification rang in his mind several times.

[Ding! You obtained a {Theft}!]

[Ding! You obtained an {Improved All-Seeing God Eyes}!]

[Ding! You obtained a {Strengthening Potion}!]

[Ding! You obtained a {5x Random Invitation Voucher}!]

Looking at the ability and item he obtained from the gift that looks like it came from heaven. Fortunately, his expectations didn't betray him because sometimes his luck is not worth counting on.

So, he feel relieved and excited at the same time and he immediately clicked on the thing he obtained.


[Rank SSS: Theft]

[A ability to steal something, especially ability and skill, etc, and store it for later use]

[Effect 1: When stealing someone else ability or skill, it will depend on how much you understand it to successfully stole it or relied on luck]

[Effect 2: Upon stealing elements, especially wind, you can store it in every part of your body like your arm, legs, etc.]

[Effect 3: Upon stealing an item, it will immediately appear in your hands but they're a certain chance it will fail when the item is soul-bound or the opponent's overall strength is higher than the user]

[Consumption: Depend on what you steal]

[Note: Quite suitable for a sneaky bastard like you]


'So, you're telling me that I obtained this ability because of how sneaky I am' He thought to himself when he read the last part. He feels the system did get him a suitable ability because he sometimes stole when he was 15 sneakily without getting caught.

Of course, he only stole from his father whose wallet is full and lazy to count how much it is but he later stopped as he became 16.

He only stole at that time when he didn't have a computer and he just went to an internet cafe.

Finish thinking about his past, he then clicked the other thing he obtained from the gift.


[Rank: S: Improve All-Seeing Eyes of God]

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