Di Beiming felt shocked. 'Did the dark-skinned thing just give him a present?'

Di Beiming said coldly, "Put it on the table! Why should I want her silly gift? You may leave now!"


Di Beiming cast a sidelong glance at An Yin while he left. Only then did he open up the oil paper wrapping on the table in excitement! Perhaps he was too anxious, so it took him quite a while to finally open up the oil paper.

'A tea egg?

'What does this mean?

'Why did the dark-skinned thing want to give him a tea egg? Was there any special meaning to it?'

Di Beiming thought for a while, but he could not figure it out. Anyway, the dark-skinned thing must have sent it to please him. He could just ask her the next time they met.

Although Di Beiming had just taken his breakfast, he still ate the tea egg.

'How strange. Why have I never thought that tea eggs could be so delicious?!'

"Tell the kitchen to add a tea egg for me every morning!" Di Beiming recalled the tasty flavor of the tea egg and instructed the servant.

After An Yin heard about this incident, he secretly raised Yun Chujiu's status to a higher level. 'The supreme lord must be falling for Ninth Young Mistress deeply. Otherwise, he would not extend his love to the tea egg.'

Yun Chujiu sneezed hard three times!

"One sneeze means someone's missing me, two sneezes in a row means someone's talking crap about me behind my back, and three sneezes in a row means someone's murmuring about me. Who's murmuring about me? It can't be that pretty boy, right?! Speaking of which, the pretty boy's Hair-growth Pill is quite effective, huh!" Yun Chujiu said in satisfaction as she looked at her close-cropped hair in the mirror. 

Yun Chujiu stayed in the residence for a few days. When her hair grew to shoulder length, she could not stay still anymore.

She counted the days with her fingers, and today was an off-day for the Yun family's cultivation hall. So, it was the perfect time to hang out with Yun Chuwu.

Yun Chujiu asked Chun Yu to style her hair into a few braids with some small colorful beads on top, then she skipped off to look for Yun Chuwu.

Just as she arrived at the doorstep of Yun Chuwu's residence, she met Yun Chuwu. The girl was just about to go out. 

"Fifth Sister, where are you going?" Yun Chujiu curiously asked.

"We are going to the periphery of the monster forest for hunting. We can hunt some wild animals and also get more practical experience. Your hairstyle looks… quite unique, did you cut your hair?" Yun Chuwu was a girl, so she noticed Yun Chujiu's new hairstyle at first glance.

Yun Chujiu twirled proudly. "Of course! It's mainly because I'm born pretty, so I look good with every hairstyle!"

Yun Chuwu's eyelids twitched a little. 'Young Jiu is becoming more shameless!'

"Fifth Sister, I want to go with you! I'm bored to death!" Yun Chujiu linked arms with Yun Chuwu and did not want to let go. 

Yun Chuwu failed to dissuade Yun Chujiu, so she could only say, "You can go, but no running around. Every corner of the monster forest is dangerous, if you encounter a high tier monster, you'll be in trouble!"

Yun Chujiu nodded a few times. "Fifth Sister, I promise I'll be good. I just want to go outside and get some fresh air."

Yun Chuwu brought Yun Chujiu to the main entrance. The other disciples of the Yun family also came one after another. Only Yun Chuer and Yun Chushi were not there.

Yun Chushi was too young, and Yun Chuer had found himself an excuse to go outside and monkey around.

"Yun Chujiu, you're not going with us, right? We're going to the monster forest for training, we are not going to a restaurant. If you get into trouble, nobody will be able to save you." Yun Chuqi sneered.

The others did not say anything, but they did not agree with bringing Yun Chujiu along as well. A piece of trash without spiritual energy would hold them back.

Yun Chujiu blinked, which soon turned red. "I know I don't have spiritual energy, I'm a burden. Since my brothers and sisters are not willing to bring me along, I'm not going. I'm such a piece of trash!"

Yun Chujiu spoke while she shed tears. Her tiny body shivered constantly. How pitiful she looked!

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