The Young Knight: Marqueza Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Young Knight: Marqueza


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A 16 year old lady come back to their empire after 5 years of living on Earth. She came back to Marquea Empire and wanted to become a squad knight, a knight in training, for a certain reason. She has this special being inside her that causes an outbreak of war. Will she be able to stop the forthcoming war, or will the pressure inside her makes her vulnerable? ... Nashtassia Freya Marqueza, she is the Emperor's youngest child who was hidden inside the palace for the reason that she has a living being that resides within her that might cause a few problems if not kept undercontrol. After hearing that her Aunt and Uncle were going to Earth to live peacefully, she decided to go with them without them knowing. At first, she intended to stay for only a few days, but those few days turned into a few years, almost 5 years to be exact. When she graduated highschool on Earth, she thought it was finally the time to return to her family in Marquea Empire. Before deciding to return to the empire, she made certain that the years she spent on Earth were worthwhile. She had learned swordsmanship from her uncle, unaware that Nash had a reason for doing so. ...


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