The Yearning Of The Heart Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Yearning Of The Heart


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I'm staring into his orange eyes and said Hey, do you remember when I first message you? The day I was afraid but bravely had messaged you. I was nervous you know but still, then suddenly he interrupted me and put his finger on my lips and said How I can forget that day when you told me that you have crushed on me and I never thought that it will be changed my life completely, thank you, Kai, for coming into my life and make my dull life interesting and I simply put my lips on his lips and showed him that how much he means for me. A story of kai song, a 30years old girl who is simple and finding a stable job and live with her friend’s nova and Rihanna. And another side, christen chen who is CEO of the powerful conglomerate company and he is a ruthless powerful businessman but other side he is into in phonebone. Surprise, yes, he has lots of passion and fantasy about it. it will be interesting to see that what will happen when two opposite poll meet. Please try this story and boat with me. Thank you in advance. And this is my first story and English is not my first language please bear it. Note: cover pic not mine


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