1 Analia Martinez

"I am a workaholic so I don't usually get time to check in what people are talking about me" sips the coffee

The interviewer smiles, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Analia Martinez!"


"Phew! it's been a long long day and I really need sleep" I hand over my handbag to my manager as he opens the car's door for me.

"With ease! it's Gucci.." I smirk

My manager knows I was kidding "Ofcourse, Ms have a safe ride home. I told the driver everything and tomorrow we ha-"

I pulled the door, look forward with my hand rested on the window.

"See you Mr Manager!"

I'm rude sometimes, oh I mean most of the time.. okay.. I am rude! I feel being too friendly invites disrespect. There is no way I was giving anyone any chance for looking down on me, ever.

This world is rushing over the clock. Nobody knows where they'll end up to but everyone definitely believes it'll be something big. But there are really some people who really got time to talk about me.

I usually act like I don't care about those negativity around me, but why does my pillow gets wet.. every single time I end my day?

I don't have many friends. I only hang out with few people from time to time.

I am Analia Martinez, owner of the most successful fashion company 'The She Collection' or 'TSC'. The stock market trembles by my name.

I am a self made millionaire at the age of 27 years. Some people say it's completely luck and timing while some says it is because of my father. Throughout life, I realize people will never appreciate you truly and that is completely okay.

Learning from experiences, I don't show affection to people because I think it'll make me a weak bitch. I have a rich father, a step mother, 2 older brother and a younger sister but I don't stay with them, and I feel they like it better.

I am pretty heartless but that doesn't make me lonely. I am currently dating the most eligible bachelor of the film industry. He's Hernan Miller, he doesn't need an introduction and I guess that's enough for an introduction. Of all the man I've dated, they were either for my money or my dad's property, but nothing lasts! Not even relationships and positions if you're not constantly working on it. My dating history is long enough to make you waste your time researching it.

In my life if there's anything I love, it'll be my job.

After my mom, I never loved anyone. Even if I die there's nobody to cry for me, nobody to mourn my absence, nobody to regret the loss vice versa.

It is just me and my career.

I have a lavishing life till date. I have so much to gain and nothing to lose. They call me 'Rude queen' and I guess that's pretty cool and interesting.

It was just hours back in my interview where I just casually said, "I am digging into a strange world"

I didn't realise that I actually mean it.

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