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The Wrong Mate


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Being the son of the Alpha of my pack is a lot of pressure. The pressure has gotten to me. 'You have to find your mate, that is the only way you will be complete' I didn't grow up listening to those words but that is all I have ever wanted. That is what I craved. Finding my mate to be happy. what happens when I find my mate but she isn't the one? This is the story of how I completely misinterpreted the calling of destiny and this is the story of how I grab it by the balls and get it back. Colin Foxly is in desperate search of his mate and the search leads him to Ashina Hemming. Ashina is perfect in the eyes of everyone. He touches her and feels the calling. He is so sure of it. so sure until he meets her brother, Lowell. The alpha of his pack. The man that everyone is afraid of. The man that looks at him like he is some kind of disease. He shouldn't feel things for him when he has a mate It shouldn't make sense. But it does.


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