The Wrathful Lily
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The Wrathful Lily


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What is The Wrathful Lily

The Wrathful Lily is a popular web novel written by the author Wild_Silver, covering YURI, GL, SHOUJOAI, REINCARNATION, FANTASYWORLDS, FANTASYACTION, ADVENTURE, LONGCHAPTERS, SLICEOFLIFE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 72K readers . The novel is being serialized to 31 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[Wake… flower maiden, for your life is not over, and has only begun] [Wake… and see the world around you and set foot in life… for better… or for worse] *The story does have long chapters and descriptions. It's a long journey and love project but if you can stand long chapters, I hope you can wait for more!* *Just a note, deep romantic developments will happen much later in the future chapters of which I admittedly haven't planned too much. But I hope you will get some fluffy moments from my chapters in the meantime!*


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I just realized I never left a review here, aren't I a horrible friend? The story as of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is amazing, and I doubt the quality will be dropping any time soon (if it does, don't worry, I'll have a long talk with the author *evil smile*). Where do I start? I suppose the wording and grammar is a good place. Lots of stories on WebNovel are absolutely horrendous when it comes to both of those, but so far Author-san has been doing a phenomenal job of keeping the story looking clean. No major errors and, if you do find any, he'll get 'em fixed real fast. Minor errors may occur once or twice a chapter, but you could probably find more errors in this review than in his book (that's just how good he is). Regarding how the world is described around the Flower Maiden (our MC), the easiest way to give an accurate explanation for his choice of words is beautiful. There's a perfect amount of descriptive words where you get an accurate and wonderful picture of the area along with not boring yourself to death trying to read the next paragraph. Moving on to the next section: Characters Variation. So far, the characters have been rather unique (although some a bit of the cliche anime characters [you know who I'm talking about author]). Okay, I can't make this part sound professional, so I'll just give it to you straight without big words (me no smart). The traits of the individuals within the story aren't just thrown at you like some novels (such as ones where the MC is supposed to be really smart but makes dumba** decisions that the author thought to be factual), the author takes the time to get the traits to be drawn out in a natural way with the story that just feels natural and more human (or creature depending on the race of the character) like. Section 3: World Building: This is honestly one of my favorite parts of the story so far. Wild_Silver (a.k.a. Author-san) doesn't throw information about the world at you like the MC or one of the side characters randomly telling you about how 100 copper coins equals a silver coin or that there are 13 months in a year in the story world (I may have just called out some stories, sorry!). Wild_Silver does an amazing job of blending in the experience of the Flower Maiden learning about this wonderful world she's in with the natural flow of the story. Section 4: Chapter Length. Stupidly long... Just kidding. They are long, but the way the story flows just draws you in so it feels like the story passed too fast (especially so with the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star chapter, that was intense [sadly someone kept ruining my immersion {Oh wait, that was me making comments}]). Section 5: Updating Stability. Excluding this week due to some unforeseen events (see chapter "A/N" for further explanation), Wild_Silver gives a chapter every week, so I'd rate that as pretty good. Section 6: Wild_Silver. I've talked him (or her, they've never actually told be, but it's easier to call them 'he' as opposed to 'they' most of the time, so I'll refer to them as a he in this review) quite a bit since I found this book, and he is very interactive if you want to just stop by and say hi (sorry Wild_Silver, hope you like talking to your fans! [=)]). If you have any questions or concerns about the book, he usually responds within a few hours or, at the very least, within a day of the comment. He's quite a fun guy to talk to and is very open about talking about the book and egging on my theories about the story I throw at him occasionally. (Bonus) Section 7: Drawing. This isn't necessary for the review, but I just wanted to address this for personal reasons. Wild_Silver's auxiliary chapters hold a few drawings of his characters that he drew himself, and they are honestly amazing. So, at the very least, check those out if the story isn't for you. Wow... my thumbs are hurting now. I typed WAY too many words here, but hopefully this helps y'all get an idea of the story, although I doubt anyone (besides you Silvy) will read through this entire thing. Oh wait, I forgot one thing in my review: YURI! Hehe, okay, I'm done now. Bye~


Thank you for your efforts. The story is pretty cute and easy to read. Continue in the same spirit😊👍............................................




This looks awesome and I'm in for a long ride! Thick and detailed background plot is always my 'cuppa tea ;) and here for GL [img=recommend][img=update]


This can only be described in two words supreme or superior or just plain out awesome(I know thats three words), there should be a underrated tag on this. Because this story is great in almost everway and I see some(not trying to be mean) awful storys out there that have a five star rating on them, I don't know who hit their head on a brick. I am not a reviewing kind of person so I don't have much else to say other than this is great. (which I know is four words this story is just too superb to be described in two words.)


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