1 Episode One: Enters Shogon August

My Name is Shogon August, I live in Seoul Korea, I am 19 years old and I am a student at Asia International Boxing School,

I arrived at the School and I saw my coach, he looked angry, he saw me and yelled AUGUST COME HERE BOY, I screamed yes coach is their anything wrong? WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS LATE AUGUST DON'T YOU WANNA BE WORLD STRONGEST? Yelled Coach, I said sorry I woke up late. I looked over to the boxing ring and I saw my biggest rival he was the son of the yakuza Ace Yang Chu, he was the strongest of this Boxing school. coach wants him to compete in The Global Tournament that's happening in few months, I always admired Ace Yang Chu, he has Talent, a Strong Body and Popular, I wanted to be in this boxing school after I saw the Global Tournament Ad in YouTobe, but I am a Failure I wasn't good at school nor Fighting, but in order to compete in the Global Tournament You have to be the Strongest Fighter of your City, theirs Various Fighting Schools Around Korea, If you become the Strongest of a Fighting School you can compete in the Tournament, but I am the weakest fighter in this school, AUGUST AND ACE GET IN THE RING BOY screamed Coach, I looked at coach with fear, Coach you want me to fight Ace Yang Chu his the strongest and I am the weakest how can someone like me even have a chance I whispered in The Coach ears, He looked at me and said " get in the ring boy or leave" I walked to the ring shaking while Ace looked at me with a scary grin, all the students in the class was Laughing, I heard someone say '' how come someone that cant even throw a proper punch beat a monster like Ace" I heard all of them Laughing, hey weirdo wear you're gloves said Ace, FIGHT Screamed The Coach, Ace ran to me I couldn't even see him, in matter of seconds I was knocked out on the floor, I woke up shortly after and I was in the Nurses officer and coach was sitting beside me, hey coach I quit your school I am leaving I screamed and got off the bed, Hey kid is that what you really want said coach, I said yes crying, the I wont stop you said coach, I ran my way back home I rushed to the front door of my house and ran upstairs to my bed locked the door and slept while crying, The Reason I always dreamed about becoming a Fighter was because my dad died fighting at a Tournament, I was a orphanage my whole life I don't know who my mother was, the nurse told me stories about my dad since I was 11, I thought he was really strong and brave, in order for me to make my dead dad proud I wanted to follow his foot steps and become the Strongest Fighter in the world, but guess I am too weak, I went to sleep and I was awaken by a sound that sounds like gun shots then I suddenly saw something like a hand reaching for me, I freaked out and I ran outside and I suddenly past out in middle of the road, hey doctor who is this kid, I don't know I saw him sleeping on middle of the road, hey kid are you awake, i was awake by voices of a tall guy in a suit and a doctor, when i fully opened my eyes i saw an screen that said " Welcome to the road to becoming the Strongest"

To be Continued