1 Chapter 1

"I'm about to die for something I didn't do" sure enough, it doesn't feel too good when I say it out loud.

Not much I can do about it now though. I've already pleaded and tried to show I'm not guilty but it didn't help much, all I managed to do was prolong my death a little. I look at my surroundings a bit, seems I've been put in a jail cell of sorts, although there isn't much light. All I could do was patiently wait for my life to be over.

I keep thinking over what happened but it all just becomes a blur. All I know is that I had been framed and very pissed off, still, not much point in wasting energy getting angry at something I can't change, although it's not like I need my energy anyways.

A slight creak came from in front and a flood of light entered the room, my eyes took a bit of time to adjust but when they did I could make out three figures walking toward me. I had been in darkness for a few days now so I still can't see very clearly in this much light.

"Get up" one of the figures said, the other 2 chuckled and grabbed my arms to lift me up. The figure to the left of me threw a solid punch right in my abdomen for no understandable reason and started to drag me out of the room.

I coughed up a bit of blood but even though I am getting even more frustrated with the treatment I'm getting it's better to just drop it and not cause any more trouble. I probably can barely walk anyways so it's a good thing these guys are dragging me.

I got a better view of the figures dragging me, they look like standard officers, they are wearing brownish uniforms with a baton slung at their hips. It seems like they are taking me out of the prison sector of this building.

"I guess I'm gonna die now" I chuckled to myself.

The officers dragging me seem to be visibly disturbed that I was laughing right before death, I guess they would probably be expecting me to show a different emotion. I personally think I am showing the right sort of emotion, yeah I guess I am a bit angry about my life being so short, I am only 23 but I guess these sort of things do happen.

I've probably been getting dragged for about 5 mins now, the officers suddenly stopped, I guess we have gotten to our destination. The officers opened a big door, it didn't make a sound, it seems the hinges have been used a lot, guess a lot of people get executed here.

The room was fairly big and it was all white, seems like a pretty artificial place to die. The room is pretty much empty except a big chair in the middle of the room.

The 2 officers that were dragging me led me to the chair, the chair had straps on both the armrests and legs, the officers strapped me in so tight it feels like my limbs are going numb. I guess they don't want me moving around when they administer the drug to kill me.

Now that my eyes have fully adjusted to the light it seems one of the officers is carrying a metal briefcase, the drug to kill me is probably in there. The officer opened the case and 3 syringes were revealed. They are 3 different drugs, I wonder which one they are going to use. I hope it's painless but I guess it doesn't really matter too much.

It's pretty weird to know that I'm going to die in a few minutes, for a reason that was never justified properly. I wonder what happens after death, If I do get another chance I'm not going to waste it though, I'll make sure this never happens again, I'll kill anyone who gets in my way, I'm not going to go through this again, though it's unlikely that'll ever happen, this isn't a manga plot.

The officer looked as if he was having a hard time choosing which syringe to use so I guess I can help him out, "Can you just give me the potassium chloride please, it's the most painless and the cheapest for you guys'' the officer turned around to look at me weirdly, he seemed confused how I knew the different drugs. I'm a bit smarter than most people so I don't think it's too odd. The officer let out a bit of a grunt and ended up choosing it, I guess my death will be painless.

One of the other officers took out a clipboard and started to tell me what was happening, although it would take a complete idiot not to have realized. "Shin Sasaki, you are hereby sentenced to death. Do you have any last words?"

"Nope, I don't think so, is it fine if I don't?"

The officer nodded his head so it didn't seem necessary.

The officer holding the syringe walked toward me and started looking for where to put the needle. I guess this is the end for me, I closed my eyes and smiled a bit.

I felt the needle press into my forearm and a tingly sensation hit me. I could feel my heartbeat slowing dramatically, for some reason I'm not as scared as I thought I would be now that I'm actually dying. I really do hope I get another chance, I will take anything I can get.

I could feel my conscience drifting...I guess I'm dead now.

A few minutes have passed and I still feel somewhat alive. I opened my eyes and I was not where I once was, everything was black but there was somehow still light, a shiver went down my spine. There's only a few possibilities to explain what happened and I don't like any of them.

"Is this the afterlife?" I whispered.

A faint voice came from behind "Nope this isn't the after life, although it might be similar."

A similar place to the after life, this is getting interesting. "Who are you?"

"I am what your world might call the reaper, I am death".

"I see" I said, I guess the reaper didn't usually get those sort of reactions since he paused for a while.

"You seem to be very calm, although that will just help this go faster."

"So what happens now? Do I get sent somewhere else now?"

"Perhaps but it depends entirely on you."

"I see, so what do I have to do?"

"I would like you to inherit some of my power, it's sort of like what your world would call magic."

"Hmmm, I doubt you would just give something like that to me for free, what would I have to do?"

"It's simple, all I want you to do is create a little chaos."

A dark figure appeared in front of me, he was wearing a big dark robe and had a hood covering his face, his hands looked like dark bones and he looked to be about 7ft tall, kind of scary, it fits exactly what you would see in a manga or anime.

"This isn't my real appearance, I just manifested the vision of what your world thinks I would look like."

Well that explains it, there was no way we could have gotten his appearance right, "So there are other worlds?"

"You catch on quickly, there is pretty much an infinite amount of worlds, or at least too many to count."

"hmmm interesting, so I'm guessing you want me to create some chaos in these other worlds?"

"This is going way faster than I thought it would, since I can't travel to these worlds myself, I'd like to have you do some rumbling in my place."

"makes sense, but what purpose does this chaos have?"

"I am running out of power you see, all I do is watch the worlds from here waiting for people to die. The way I get my power is through the hate and fear of others, lately the worlds haven't been in as much fear as they used to, if this keeps up I will end up draining all my power and dying. When I give you my magic, you'll hop from world to world creating chaos as you go, that will put the people of the worlds in fear and I'll be able to restore my previous power. I've designed world transportation magic as well as a few other spells for this purpose, I call the wielder of the power I've made a world raider, if you are as good as I think you'll be you will have a chance at a second life that you want."

It's not a bad deal and it actually sounds very interesting, I do wonder what he will use his power for when he gets it back though, I may have to be careful about that if I agree.

"You probably have your doubts about killing for me but the alternative is that you don't get your second chance at the life you want so bad."

I'm guessing he could see my doubts, he's able to read me like a book, which means there's no point in lying. "If I say no, what happens then?" I need to see all my options before I do anything rash.

"If you decide not to then you'll probably enter an eternal slumber or get transferred to another area beyond my knowledge, I was able to capture you right before death so that's how you ended up here."

If that's the case then I'm better off just going with his proposal than having my chance at a new life unknown. "Alright, I'll become your world raider, give me a new life." This seems like the most logical path to choose, also it sounds a bit interesting so I'm curious as to where this will take me.

The reaper chuckled a bit as if that was the answer he was expecting, "Very well, then I shall teach you magic and give you information about the other worlds you will be going to, You are able to stay in my realm for about a 2 weeks so we don't have much time for me to teach you everything, then when you are ready I will send you on your way, I've already decided on which world you will be sent to first. In my realm you don't need rest or food so I should be able to teach you everything you need to know fairly quickly."

I see, that makes sense, I was wondering why my body felt different here, if you don't feel hungry or drowsy here then that would mean we would have a lot of time to learn, still I have a feeling that I'm about to learn a hell of a lot of information, I guess I've got to be prepared.

"So, why don't we get started, I'd rather start as soon as possible since you have to prepare your body to use my magic, if I were to give you my magic right now your body would be torn to pieces."

"It'll only happen if you can't strengthen your body so you shouldn't have anything to worry about."

I am guessing the reaper could see my shock since he tried to comfort me, this reaper really does not act how I expected a reaper to act. It didn't really make me feel any better for some reason though, I guess this is the path I chose but all these unknowns still make me a bit nervous.

"You don't have anything to worry about, now that you have agreed to my conditions I will do everything in my power to make sure you survive, just follow my training and you'll be fine"

"You're surprisingly considerate for a Reaper, nothing like I expected at least."

"Well no mortal has ever met me directly so all you know is assumptions about me, you now work for me so I will obviously be kind to you, I don't think I'm a particularly good person but I'm also not too bad of a person either."

"I see, that makes sense." It seems my impression of what the reaper would be is totally wrong. I'm a bit relieved I am not working for someone super terrifying. Now that I look at the reaper again, I don't see him the same way.

"Well shall we get started then."