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"hm? a new song huh.."

Walking through the crowd in the streets, the boy taps his phone frequently, he took out a pair of earphones used it

he is Zack Lee, a 3rd year high schooler, life for him is pretty plain, there was not much to work for, due to the Job of his father he doesn't have any close friends, almost every two months they have to move out to a different house.

life was hard, the pressure of school is heavy everytime he transfer, listening on songs were the only way he escapes reality and get a little carefree.

in a far distance, he saw a person, it seems he was waving and sweating nervously, his mouth was also moving, Zack thought he was shouting to someone behind him

when he shifted his eyes to another direction, he saw the pedestrian traffic lights.

*Dont Walk* was written in it with red lights

his expression turned from confusion to panic, he quickly took out his earphones from his ears and quickly tried to walk faster

but the loud sound of honks reverberated through his ears making him turn his head towards the source

a speeding truck was was headed towards his direction, the driver inside seems to be panicking too.

before zack could react, the truck speed up got closer to him, their distance was just half a meter away

memories of all his life suddenly flashed through him in this very moment, after, he gave up all hope on even surviving this.

'i guess this is the end..' is what he thought

when the truck was a few Centimeters from him, something unexpected happened, there was no pain, his body wasn't flipping with his limbs teared apart like he expected

he looked around only to find his surroundings unmoving, everything was almost painted in gray, it was weird, he had never seen something like this before

he thought that maybe this was what happens before a person dies, there was no other explanation, suddenly, a golden silhouette appeared before him, reaching its hands toward him

'ah.. is that.. an angel?.. maybe death isn't so bsd after all..'

he waited for the angel to quickly take him and lead him to heaven, but but contrary to what he expected, the golden silhouette suddenly grabbed his arm and yanked him.


before he could say a word, the golden silhouette disappeared, making him see the people far infront of him, suddenly, he heard a loud bass, and everything turned to its normal color from the earlier gray.

he stumbled to the ground with the look of confusion, moments later, he heard a loud bang, he saw the truck that almost hit him earlier crash in a random building.

before he knew it, he already made it on the other side of the road, the people nearby already scattered far away from the scene, some were looking out for injured people, while some were taking out their phones.

"what.. what just happened"

he was sure there was no way what happened earlier was not hallucination, everything felt so real, he was sure the truck was going to hit him, but what happened moments earlier

"it was like time has stopped"

of course he didn't forget about the golden silhouette, for now he thought of it as something like a guardian angel.

he shook his head and stood up, looking at the burning truck and building, the fire fighters quickly arrived fixed the scene, then he looked at the stuff in his hands.

"i'll never use earphones while walking again"

he quickly left to go on his house, he doesn't want to get involved, well there's a chance he will though.

"ah.. too much problems, ill just sleep through it, i still need to do my homework later.."

little did he know, he was covered in a yellow aura just when the truck almost hit him, although no one can see it, he too doesn't know.

unknown to him, due to this event, he created a gravity on him and the supernatural world, which means that in the future he will continuously experience similar things.

A gravity that attracts danger

. . .

later, when the police investigated the incident, it was found that the truck malfunctioned and was unable to use the break, resulting in the current accident, luckily no one died, although there were several injured ones, the driver works at a company where the truck was manufactured and the company was later sued for the damages

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