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my name is... well... for now just call me kurama. or kura for short. that's my nickname

I currently live alone in an apartment building. I'm 18 years old, my height is 6'2, I'm a male and I have many hobbies. I'm not sure on my sexuality as of now. I'm an otaku and I'm not ashamed of it. I love anime and it's my escape into a world other than this one. I live alone and have a few siblings that live else where. I've only just moved into this apartment a week ago on paper but this will be my first time here. I've had help from a friend who made sure all of my belongings where delivered and put inside before I got here.

I tend to spend a lot of time in my own world. I'm the type of guy you see always wearing headphones or earbuds, a hoodie, and sweatpants. in antisocial and have bit of anxiety. I don't have the same anxiety as most other people. for others... they may have panic attacks from being in a crowded environment, being reminded of something that happened in the past, or something else that causes them extreme stress. for me... I have panic attacks when I feel I'm loosing someone close to me. ik the that hurt most people no matter what but for me... that's one of the only things that hurt me...

I have a fear of losing anyone and everyone around me. I've lost many friends for many reasons. I've had people move away from me, turn against me, reject me, betray me, and leave me... when I say leave me... I don't just mean breaking up with me... I've had friends that have left life itself because it was to hard and painful for them to continue to barley survive in there day to day lifes....

I've always felt like something was wrong with me... I always felt that maybe I had a demon buried deep inside of my soul... the reason for this is that I don't get disgusted by blood, death, violent and horrific injuries, or monsters. the only way I'm scared the same as a normal person is with jump scares and even then... all I do is jump a bit... and that on a rare occasion.

I've gotten use to keeping my guard up, watch my surroundings 24/7, judging people's aditued, life choices, patterns of thinking, and even how over all hostile or dangerous they are individually. I've come to feel as if I've lost my emotions and that I'm now turning into the demon I side of me. yes... i believe that i truly do have a demon hiding inside of my soul. I don't mind it anymore but that may be because of my lack of emotions. the few people I know call me a fox and often compare me to a fox named kurama, who was one of the 10 tailed beasts in the past. he was known as kurama the nine tailed fox of the tailed beasts. he is often depicted as a monster ravaging and destroying villages and killing every human he came across.

My name is kurama, and I am the jinchuuriki of the nine tails fox, kurama. a jinchuuriki in a modern civilization, cursed with depression, anxiety, and knowledge of pain that makes the strongest, most courageous, the Bravest and the strongest of will's break into tears and terror in mere seconds.