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the world of the modern jinchuuriki


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⚠️!!WARNING!!⚠️ PLEASE READ!! THIS IS A WARNING TO SAY THAT THIS STORY MAY CONTAIN R-18 CONTENT AND THAT IT WILL DEFINITELY CONTAIN TALK ABOUT DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, DEATH, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, BEHAVIOR, TENDENCIES AND/OR CHARACTERS ACTUALLY COMMITTING SUICIDE. If you are not at least 15 years of age, I ask that you don't read this novel. I know from experience that even as a child, you can have these thought and tendency but I wish to not give any ideas to anyone that is below 15 as they are more susceptible to suggestion. and if you are depressed, suicidal, have been suicidal, or think you may be heading on that path, then please ask for help. if your parents don't do anything or your afraid to talk to them about it, ask a friend, a teacher, or call the suicidal prevention line in your area (you can look up the number online) or any other lines ment to help people in these types of situations. this is a story about a boy who lives alone and is stuck in a pit of depression. he seems like the type of guy most people pay no attention to and at times even ignore or push away. moving into an apartment with the help of an old friend, he starts his new life of in a city and starts his new job which leads him to down a slow path that may be what pulls him out of the hole and back into a colorful world. but he can't relax to much anymore as he finds himself running into trouble at every turn and getting into fights. the more he fights however, the more he realizes that hes never been alone, but not in the way he wanted


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