1 1: The First Impression

Cleo stepped through the open doors with Poppy by her side. The opulent greeting hall was lined with potential queens and their personal servants.

The academy had been teaching potential queens for millenniums. The greeting hall had seen generations and generations of ladies through successful and awful first impressions.

The Mistress of the Academy had called all of the first year students to the hall for the Devil King's next visit. It was said that he was looking for his second queen.

The potential queens stood in one line with their personal servants behind them. Cleo took her place at the end of the line and Poppy took her place behind. She resisted the urge to pull down her indecent dress, knowing that attempting to cover her crotch might reveal more of her nipples. Her only undergarment, the corset, beneath her dress might creak louder to pop her breasts out entirely at the slightest motion. Poppy had laced it up the tightest it had ever been this morning and had watched carefully as they had walked to the hall this morning.

The doors at the end of the hall swung open, allowing in a gust of area that ruffled the potential queen's short dresses. The Devil King stepped in with his entourage behind him. The black crown was barely visible in his dark hair and between his horns which had been decorated with silver paint for the occasion. He walked into the hall and was greeted by the Mistress as the door closed behind the last of his court. The King had a leash to a servant that stepped up for this purpose and the woman on the end of the leash was lead away. As she turned to follow the servant, Cleo saw a second leash with one end attached to the collar of a crawling servant and the other end attached between the woman's legs.

The King surveyed the room, "Is the best you have, Angelica?"

The Mistress inclined her head, "This is this year's batch of potentials. I'm sorry if they aren't to your liking, sir. Only half are trained."

The King hummed in the back of his throat and approached the line. The Mistress clapped once and as rehearsed, the line of servants behind the potentials stepped up and lift the hems of the short dresses. Cleo bit back a gasp as the fabric rasped over her stiff nipples.

The King perused the line slowly, occasionally bending down to get a closer look. Each potential queen had been standing in front of a plaque with a number on it for his convenience. After he straighten from examining Cleo, he turned to the Mistress, "I would like to examine 4,5,9,13, and 18 more closely."

Cleo breathed a sigh of relief at making it past the first stage. The personal servants all dropped the dresses and stepped back as the Mistress nodded and said, "They will be ready for your approval soon. Until then, your Queen awaits you in the next room."

The King departed the room and everyone exhaled a collective breath. "No time to delay! Everyone get to your respective places!" snapped out the Mistress.

All but six pairing melted into the shadows as they left the room. Six hulking males brought out six frames. The frames had anchor points for the captive's wrists and ankles. Cleo knew it was just another stage for the First Impression but the idea of a stranger getting up and personal with her bits had her a little concerned. She was the newest potential to arrive and had the least amount of exposure to any of the exercises.

Cleo watched as each of the other five were buckled in by their personals. The personals has been trained from the day they turned 18 and Poppy was no exception. Her hand on Cleo's back made Cleo feel slightly calmer as she went up to the stairs to her frame. The air moving across her wet tissues made her very aware of much of her skin was exposed in her ridiculous outfit.

Poppy gently pushed Cleo against the frame and snapped her ankles in first. Cleo's wrists were next and she circled her fingers around the handles near the cuffs. Poppy keep her eyes downcast but patted Cleo's shoulder before untying the dress to pull it away. Poppy stepped away and joined the line of personal servants waiting to follow the line of frames.

Cleo gasped at being exposed. She started to squirm and pull at her restraints. "Wait, I've changed my mind! Please wait! I don't want to go go through with this!"

"Quiet, Potential 18! If you continue to talk, I will no choice but to gag you."

Cleo continued to blubber and the servant, true to his word, secured a ball in her mouth and tied it behind her head.

He signaled and a servant began to push each tray and its frame through the doors.

The King was sitting on a couch with the woman sitting on her lap. He was idly stroking his fingers between her legs. Everyone in the room had a clear view of the way her pussy moistened as he gently stroked over her lips. Her head had fallen back to rest on his shoulder. The woman had removed her robe and the leash dangled between her breasts. The loose end was attached to a nipple ring that the King randomly tugged.

As the frames were wheeled in, the King lifted the woman off his lap and set her on the couch next to him. Before he stood, he tugged on the leash that remained attached to her lower ring. The servant on her knees obediently crawled over and began to lap. The woman closed her legs around the servant's face and leaned back with a moan.

The King smiled as he approached the frames. "This display is excellent. For such short notice, you have done a good job." The King absently patted the Mistress's bottom as he passed her on his way to the first frame.

"Expose her please." The King gestured to a personal and she adjusted the frame. The potential's legs were spread and the King reached to rub through her juices. He brought his fingers to his lips and made a disgusted face. "Remove her."

The King brushed his hand across the hair of the next and frowned. He waved a hand at a servant and the woman was pushed out of the room. He repeated the process three more times before he reached Cleo. Two more girls were eliminated.

The King ordered Cleo to be exposed and heat burned her cheeks as she creamed even more at his touch. The King smiled his wicked smile and brought his fingers to his lips.

After tasting her, he turned back to the Mistress and said, "I will take these two for the week."

"That is wonderful news, your majesty! I would like to introduce you to Mallory with her personal Lily and Cleo with her personal Poppy."

Cleo attempted to wipe her chin, wet with drool from the ball, on her shoulder realized to have passed the First Impression. She would not want to be one of the punished girls from the second round. The first would be fine but the second would undergo "adjustments" as the Mistress liked to call them.

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