1 The End But Also The Beginning

The year was 2015.

*Boom* A loud boom could be heard Leon looked and saw a mysterious building that just tore through the ground, then he realized what the boom was, it was a goblin throwing a fireball.

"What the fu**!" Leon yelled.

He thought to himself (What is going on? What is this building? Why are goblins here? I thought they only exist in fairy tales)

All of a sudden Leon started hearing people screaming he looked left and saw people getting devoured and torn apart by a 6ft tall wolf that was covered in red fur with purple eyes.

"Holy sh**!" Leon said as he started to throw up from seeing people getting torn apart

*bleugh* Leon threw up again. He soon realized his sister and parents were at home. He needed to rush home, but before he could he heard something that made chills run down his back.

*howl* the wolf that was devouring people howled as it finished eating someone. It howled because it wanted more, then it saw Leon. *swoosh* the wolf jumps super high into the air and landed right in front of Leon. Suddenly Leon jumps and falls over and starts crying "Please don't kill me I'm only 25 I haven't lived my life yet!" Leon said while crying. The wolf didn't understand what he said but it was super hungry. It stepped over Leon as its drool dripped on to his face.

"If I reincarnate I will kill all you beast fu** you," Leon said as he jabbed his finger into the wolf's eye. The wolf whimpered in pain, but now it was just furious. As it opened its mouth revealing all his sharp teeth it then proceeded to bite and rip off one of Leon's arms.

"Ahhhh!" Leon yelled in pain as he grabbed his shoulder. All of the sudden when the wolf went in for another bite it froze. Leon looked at the wolf not moving he looks around and sees everything was frozen in place.

Leon started to hear a high pitch ringing "what is that?" Leon asked as he squinted his eyes in pain. Then he heard a voice in his head (Is this thing on haha I'm just joking I know it works hello dear human) "who are you?" Leon asked. (I am called system I was created to select the worthy first players in this world but it seems you need a hand. Haha sorry can't help myself, but thankfully your special skill is a one-time reincarnation. I didn't expect you to use it this early but I guess it can't be helped. I will explain everything else once you reincarnate.)

Everything went black. Leon heard a snap and woke up in a forest (where am I) he thought. Leon got up and started looking around but he woke up in a dense forest with trees everyone (I will never make it out of here) he thought...

Leon got up and started to wander around.

"Trees, trees, bushes there's nothing here" Leon yelled. (I need to survive let's start walking hopefully we can find people) he thought. Leon starts walking through the dense forest, as reassess walking he trips and falls into a. *Splash* Leon swims back up to surface. As he climbs out of the water he hears "Hey you what are you doing out here?!" a man yelled from across the lake. Leon looks towards the man with a smile on his face he was happy to see a person. Leon runs over to the man who looked to be in his thirties had a thick brown beard with short hair on top with red eyes and he towered over Leon the dude seemed to be 7ft. Leon thought to himself (why is he so tall and what's wrong with his eyes I noticed it in the wolf that killed me its eyes are purple is that common now?)

Leon then realized that he doesn't even know what he looks like now he runs over to the lake to see his reflection. Leon looked at the reflection and thought (I'm handsome now thank you). Leon looked to be about 14 now and had long dirty blonde hair, he pure white eyes he also has a nice jawline, he looked like a healthy kid his hight compared to the man he was about 5'7. Leon thought to himself (I look like I'm the main character in an anime it's kinda cool). The man who Leon just met Smacked him in the back *smack* Leon yelled "what was that for and who are you?".

The man looked at Leon with a confused look and said "How could you forget your only family member". Leon looked at the man with a dumb look and said " I hit my head and don't remember anything". The man started to laugh *Haha that's why I told you beginners shouldn't come out here. But I am your brother our parents died when you were young and your name is Leon Fire and my name is Herk Fire. Is that good enough?". Leon thought (Good my name is about the same just different last name but that's fine). Leon shook his head fully trusting what the dude said was true.

"Follow me back to our house" Herk said. Leon starts following the dude and as they exit the forest leon sees wooden signs everywhere saying, Danger do not enter monster territory. As they continue walking they arrive at a city gate it , as they got closer Leon heard a man yelling "Welcome to Kingdom of Aero we are a kingdom of monster hunting and where only the strong can survive". Leon's mind started to run wild (monster hunting so I can get strong and kill monster for money I'm starting to like this place already). As they walked through the city Leon noticed that the place resembled a medieval city. There was shops everywhere the place was beautiful until they started getting close to where they live where poor commoners live it was so run down and gross. They arrived at their house and it was a big mansion but only half of it was standing. Leon looked at his brother and said "what happened to our house?". Herk looked at Leon and said " our parents owed alot of debt and didnt pay it back so the other nobles destroyed our house, but anyways follow me to your room". Leon nods his head at his brother and follows him to his bedroom "here we are" Herk says. Leon opens the door and walks in surprisingly his room was very clean and there was no damage (so the previous owner of this body took good care of his room) he thought. Leon then shuts the door and sit on the bed and wonders (where is the system it was supposed to meet me when I woke up). Leon lays back in his bed and falls asleep he wakes up sweating badly he sits up and realizes that its the next day. Leon started hearing the high pitched ringing again "finally the system is back"

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